The phrase why content marketing is searched a lot on Google. We can tell you when, what, how, where, and why content marketing.

Why Content Marketing in 2015

To understand why so many companies are focusing on content marketing, you have to look at the combination of influences on small to mid-size companies over the last 9 years:

  1. The economy still makes people nervous – Both consumers and companies are still holding on to their money, especially small and mid-size businesses. Marketing directors are expected to reach them using budgets that have remained the same for years. This conundrum is what has led marketing directors to content marketing. Their bosses in the C-Suite demand full accountability of every marketing dollar spent. Luckily, content marketing is completely measurable and accountable – IF IT IS SET UP CORRECTLY.
  2. Media consumption has completely changed – Your target is more difficut to reach than ever. Now, using digital media, consumers are in charge of the conversation. You can no longer control the process; you can only work with them based on their desired engagement. Content marketing plays well in this world, but not the kind where you thump your chest and talk only about your company. Instead, study your prospect group. Divide them up into groups so you can more clearly focus on their unique needs – the more granularity you divide them, the more robust the engagement for them. This kind of flexibility is why content marketing is becoming the go-to marketing technique.
  3. Proof of concept time is greatly shortened – Used to be marketing directors would get 6 months to prove and perfect a marketing idea. Now you get weeks. With greater measurability of your marketing efforts, your C-Suite knows what’s working and what’s not in record time. So you can turn on a dime. Print doesn’t allow that. TV doesn’t allow that. Brochures and direct mail don’t allow that. But content marketing does. It’s incredibly metric and completely transparent.

Why Content Marketing in the next decade

We don’t want to be one of those companies who claim something will be around forever. The QR Code people did that. Remember them? However, content marketing is still in its infancy. So we think it’s a safe bet that it will continue to be a top choice for marketing directors for years to come.

In fact, saying this form of marketing is in its infancy is a gross understatement. Every company has different degrees of understanding about content marketing, SEO, social media, video content marketing, and measurement. Small and mid-size companies have the most difficulty because content marketing is a 20-headed beast. It is expensive to do everything right.

Changes in how Google understands website content are allowing a better user experience of content. This will only improve over the next 5 years.

As you look through these pages, study how sophisticated or unsophisticated they are at content marketing.

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