At content marketing company ion Leap, SEO and content marketing are two phrases that are considered inseparable.

Sadly, many companies don’t see the connection.

Why SEO and Content Marketing must be approached together

Back in the late 1990s, you could stuff the white space of your web pages with white key phrases. Readers wouldn’t see them, but search engines would and they’d rank you higher.

Those days are over.

Now Google, the search engine that gets about 75% of all searches, is much more sophisticated. In fact, they’re so advanced that they’ve begun to interpret search intent based on some very complex algorithms.

SEO alone won’t work.

Content alone won’t work.

The details of the SEO content marketing marriage

Small and mid-sized businesses must work out their key phrase strategies, and then use those phrases carefully, paying attention to the most basic rules of SEO:

  • One key phrase in each page title, no more.
  • Canonical URLs using that same exact key phrase.
  • The headline (with an H1 tag) should have the key phrase in it. I like it in the first 4 words. Often, WordPress sites are set up to duplicate the headline into the page title. Either fix this or stick to just the key phrase, with no other words, as your page title.
  • Your copy and meta tag can have more key phrases in it, but it’s better if they are from the same family of phrases, even using “long tail” key phrases -3 words or more.
  • Your copy should have a density of about 3.5% of that main phrase.
  • Try variations in your subheads.
  • Make sure all your H-tags are set up and usable in your copy. Typically, these will be headline (H1), subhead size 1 (H2), subhead size 2 (H3), italic subhead (H4), small bold subhead (H5). You really should try to park the subhead into at least 3 of these per page of about 400 words.

Sticking to the rules too much makes for boring pages, so varry things up a bit. This may be argued by some SEOs, but I recommend putting your key phrases into more natural sentences, and even dividing them up with other words. Here’s mine: content marketing and SEO.

Learn more about SEO from the experts

Search Engine lLand is one of the great resources for learning all you can about SEO. That link will take you into their section on search engine optimization. I keep an eye on their website at least weekly.

News on a Bing search engine that crawls YouTube

This is interesting news. No one will ever beat YouTube for great video hosting, but this changes things up a bit.

Examples of companies doing a good job combining SEO with content marketing.

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CNC graphite machining facility located in Kitchener and serving the greater Toronto area and beyond. Custom machining of all sizes carbon, graphite, nylon, Delrin and bronze parts.

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Dr. Alexandra Schnee, DC provides Non Surgical Alternatives for Knee Pain with Cold Laser Therapy in Dallas TX and surrounding cities like Irving.

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Flagship Granite LLC in Frisco, Texas, provides granite countertop services to Frisco, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Carrollton, Coppell, Little Elm and the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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History of Google
Read the history of Google!
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At content marketing company ion Leap, SEO and content marketing are two phrases that are considered inseparable.