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This is where we experiment with ideas to help you understand why some content marketing works better than others

In Social Media, the Pics Get the Clicks

content marketing picsMany companies are posting a wall of words in social media. Our research shows that pics on Google+ and Facebook drive tons more clicks to websites, where they can engage with you.

In this study, we looked at both B2B and consumer pages. While we started the study with a bit of bias, we were overwhelmed just how much better social media performs with engaging pics. Click Here to Get Enlightened >>

Facebook, the PPC Underdog

Pay per click underdog

When you think of pay per click, you think of search – particularly Google Adwords. But don’t overlook paid social media opportunities on Facebook. ion Leap has achieved tremendous results with very low marketing budgets.

In this study, we tested pay per click campaigns with two different goals in mind. (1) Drive more people to simply “like” our client’s Facebook fan page.
(2) Drive Facebook readers to click over to our client’s website
As you’ll see, the results were great. Click Here to See Results >>

A Direct Marketing Approach to Social Media

social media direct maketing

The most successful campaigns think through the full user experience from click to page visit and beyond.

At ion Leap, we work with our clients to plan well in advance of any major trade shows and product launches. Then, when we begin a social media campaign, it carries over into social media feature images, landing pages on the website, and email campaign followup. Think of every consumer touch point and your social media campaigns will be much more successful.  Click Here to Learn More >>

The YouTube Video Dropoff Epidemic

Content-marketing-video-dropLike you, we love to see our YouTube video views climbing. But there is more data available in YouTube that can tell a different story. We call it a dropoff epidemic.

What can you do to keep your YouTube viewers glued to your content marketing videos? We’ve got a lot of ideas. Click Here to See Statistics >>