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Content Marketing Weekly Report August 9th
09:04 – Twitter’s stock is definitely not flying. It’s time to use marketing automation to stand out from your competition. And last but certainly not least, Google’s search algorithm could change the presidential vote.

Content Marketing Weekly Wrap-up July 19th
06:09 – It’s been a busy week in the world of Content Marketing. We’re covering the growth of OminChannel marketing and the slow, inexorable death of print advertising. And we’re covering a few interesting tidbits in between.

How to Use Audio for Big Content Marketing Events
31:00 – Listen to the difference when I stop the usual Blog Talk Radio show and go into a professional New York City audio facility with a top audio engineer. If you’re doing important content marketing, it deserves a studio like CityVox in NYC.

Video Content Marketing in Big Content Marketing Events
36:48 – I’ve worked with some great film production companies over the years, but none better than Committee Films. If you’re doing a big content marketing event, consider investing more in your video production with a company like Committee Films in Minneapolis.

Podcasts, the Easiest Kind of Content Marketing
19:00 – Writing is difficult. Creating web videos can be expensive. But podcasting is you and a guest having a nice chat. Very often, these shows provide your prospective customers a better idea of the ethos of your company. Listen in as Alyssa Lurie discusses her favorite podcast.

B2B Marketing Solutions and Social Media – An Interview
24:46 – Rich Stillman, CEO and President of Tecplot, Inc joins us. We discuss how to market complex, highly-considered products via the Internet.

Facebook, the Pay Per Click Underdog
01:49 – Many B2B marketers overlook certain social media like Facebook. At ion Leap, we test everything to see where we can get traction.

Link Farming and Other Naughty Website Practices
03:31 – SEO companies were early to figure out the value of links and begin to scam the system. Now that practice is losing its effectiveness. Time to get to work creating useful, entertaining, and fun content.

Google AuthorRank and Google+ Will Directly Impact Your Website
01:34 – Many companies are watching and waiting to see what Google AuthorRank is all about. It’s about the authority of your website’s authors. And it’s about the end of scamming the search engines…finally.

Your Most Important Blog Reader Is Google
02:04 – What do you do if Google Analytics shows that you’re not getting many readers on your blog? You get your blog writer to keep writing great content. Because Google is crawling your blog, looking for key phrases.

Morality in Search Marketing Solutions
05:01 – Strange phrase, I know. But when you hear some of the scams we’ve heard by SEO types trying to trick Google into a higher ranking, you start to get religious about search marketing.

Search Marketing Solutions – What Works
49:47 – A basic (and lengthy) monologue on what works long-term in getting your website ranked in the search engine results pages.

More on Google AuthorRank and Google+ – Now the Authors Win
24:43 – A lengthy update on the end of link scams and why the authors of websites will make all the difference in your website’s ranking.