This way of marketing is new enough that many companies don’t have the staff to manage it in a way to achieve ROI. The level of content and social engagement required is a daunting task. At ion Leap, we can scale to work with any size client.

      • We do the daily custom content building, and promoting via social media.
      • Social media management. We build your followers in a targeted way. We manage paid efforts to promote trade events, content, news, etc.
      • We create and manage your new Google+ account, Pinterest account, etc.
      • We put up a proper feature image and feature video on your YouTube channel and break it into logical Playlists.
      • We provide monthly tracking reports using Google Analytics, social media measurement tools, and SEOmoz.
      • We manage the SEM and SEO.
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Big Content EventsGoogle’s Hummingbird update makes it advantageous for websites to more fully explore particular subjects and put up more pages about them. We create huge Content Events that will generate buzz among prospective customers and peer groups.

  • At ion Leap we help you find big content events your target market will find interesting enough to share with peers.
  • We create the videos, radio shows, infographics, blog posts, etc. that support the event theme.
  • We manage the low-cost paid “boost” campaigns and other paid efforts on social media.

Example: A client who launched a business continuity product. Our event idea was the 1-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. In 22-days, we told the stories of business perseverance and endurance, what they learned; what they’d do better next time. We put up high-end videos, blog posts, daily Facebook info graphics, radio shows, and much more.
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Content Marketing TrainingSome companies have robust content teams and only need to make sure they’re doing best practice. We offer 3 fun and information-packed plans that will reinvigorate your content team.

      1. Remote and Fast – We conduct as many 1-hour sessions as you require using GoToMeeting. We start with a quick assessment of your web activities, then get to work. These are no-frills work sessions with your day to day team members to make sure they’re on track.
      2. Half day on-site – We start with a quick assessment of your web activities, then we book a half-day event with your day-to-day team. We can also include a more general session for your management team. These on-site sessions are fun and informative. They’re also practical. If your team is not on Google+, we’ll get it done and get your team active that very day.
      3. Ongoing sessions – From time to time, everyone gets busy and burned out. We often recommend regular, short sessions as a way to shoot some adrenaline back into your team. These can be a mix of GoToMeeting sessions (better yet Google+ Hangouts), phone calls, and short on-site meetings. They’re fun, high-energy, and practical. We’ll break down what’s working, what’s lagging, and put the plans in place to keep your web content energy focused and effective.
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