Our content marketing training service helps companies with in-house content teams get ROI from content marketing.

A surprising number of companies create their content marketing in-house.
In a survey by the Content Marketing Institute, these companies say their biggest challenges are:

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That 2nd one will soon be a major Achilles heel. As more and more companies jump into content marketing, quality of content will be all that separates you. Posting authoritative, entertaining and mind-blowingly awesome work will be the only way your website will attract viewers.

Rand Fishkin takes a rather negative view of
the crowded future of content marketing:

– Rand Fishkin, Moz.com

Rand is worried about content fatigue. But Jon Morrow
sees opportunity in the chaos:

– Jon Morrow, Boost Blog Traffic

We’re with Jon. To succeed, you must build a content engine that achieves Breaking-Bad quality content and engagement. But companies are also losing out on engagement by making small mistakes.

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5 content marketing mistakes your team is probably making.

  1. Maintenance posting – Posting just for the sake of putting something up is a waste of time.
  2. Talking about yourself – Content marketing should be about your customers and prospects: solving their needs, fears, and desires.
  3. Thinking small – Since Google’s Hummingbird Update, 300 word blog posts will not rank as well as longer posts that use more phrases. Research proves that blog posts over 2,000 words get higher SERP ranking by Google – higher ROI. Our own research shows that companies prefer posts of 543 words.
  4. Wall of words – Approximately 75% of social posts by companies we studied are in text only. Our research shows that companies who use pics in their social media get overwhelmingly higher social sharing.
  5. Lazy YouTube Titles – YouTube videos named with key phrases rank higher on Google. Yet most companies fail to do this.

Our assessment phase will dig into every aspect of your Internet presence. Our training will ensure the 5 mistakes above, plus many others, get fixed.

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We turn your in-house content marketing team into ninjas.

Your team will learn to:

1-small-tasksContent teams get tired. They slip. Over time, these
small missteps add up to a huge loss of prospective
engagements. We build simple systems into daily chores
that guarantee no slippage. And we come back regularly
to check on your progress, informing your team of any
changes required by social media, measurement, etc.


2-Create-BigWhen you look at the companies who excel with
engaging content, they’re investing in more than staff.
They’re investing in big ideas. But where do you get those?
ion Leap trains your staff to mine your thought leaders,
mine the industry, and mine existing resources for the
ideas that will make your content absolutely magnetic.
We have invented ways to make mining your content easy.


3-higher-productionIn my past life as an ad agency art director and writer,
I was known as one of the “pickiest fanatics” in the
business, a back-handed complement. That experience
now helps my clients look far more professional than
their budgets should allow. My team and I will pass on
production tricks and tips to elevate the professionalism
of your work without costing you a ton of money.


4-Support-corp-objectivesWe will help to instill a sense of the overall corporate
ecosystem in the content marketing team; to clarify the
importance of meeting business objectives. We will help
your entire staff to find new and inventive ways to support
corporate goals. Content marketing, especially social media,
can bring in valuable customer feedback that will help
guide important decisions.
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Bespoke content marketing training. Not cookie-cutter training.

If you look around the web, you’ll see off-the-shelf training companies popping up. You can even do the training online. We know from experience that customized, on-site, roll-up-our-sleeves, in-person training works far better.

ion Leap has invented a 5-phase content marketing curriculum that allows tremendous customization:

  1. Assessment Phase – We don’t fly blind. We talk to all the key stakeholders,
    study your Analytics, dig into every social media you’re using, study your
    competitors, industry trends, and more.
  2. Ah Ha Phase – We show you the results of the Assessment Phase
    and suggest a plan of action.
  3. Benchmark Phase – Measurement is key to success. We want to show you
    the improvement, to prove we moved the needle.
  4. Delivery Phase – This will be an insightful, fun, engaging, and memorable
    experience as we come on-site to train your team in the new approaches.
  5. Ongoing Phase – Continued checking and suggestions 1-to-1 with
    each member of your team.

We will train your content team to become Breaking-Bad effective at engaging prospects and customers online.

Contact ion Leap to get started.

Our content marketing training service helps companies with in-house content teams get ROI from content marketing.