These examples of content marketing are among the best we’ve found. What they have in common:

  1. The examples are unique
  2. Each uses multiple media to tell it’s story
  3. They are thoughtful and not gimmicky
  4. They’re not just about the company or product, but about the prospects

Why truly unique content marketing wins –

Why multiple media is important in content marketing examples –

Why gimmicky examples of content markeiting are like candy (unsatisfying) – I’m just like everyone else. I love good eye candy.

Why making it about your prospects is important –

Content Marketing Example #1 – Axe Black Chill line

Unilever’s Axe products are a $2.5 billion global brand with relentless growth. Retail sales jumped 13.6% from 2010 to 2011 and the more recent stats look even better. They have been doing great marketing for over a decade.

Axe “spends a higher percentage of its marketing budget on digital than does any other Unilever product. Axe has product placement in video games, funds branded sitcoms on, and it was one of the first sponsors of now-popular sites like and XFire. It develops its own games, such as Axeman, a saga about recruiting women for a party that was released for mobile and PC this summer. And earlier this year, it launched an online comic book that was rapidly published chapter by chapter: Fans could suggest plot twists, and the artists would draw commenters in as story characters.” Source

Further Reading

Business Insider article, “How Axe Became The Top-Selling Deodorant By Targeting Nerdy Losers”


Content Marketing Example #2 – Become A Kingsmen

This is a brilliant example of content marketing that fits all our requirements. Google and 20th Century Fox built the elements of this amazing experience using Google street view, Google maps, Google Chrome, and Youtube. At one point, it requires you use both your laptop and smart phone at the same time.

Kingsman – The Secret Service – Case Study from UNIT9 on Vimeo.

Further Reading

Learn more about this multi-media, immersive example of great content marketing.

Content Marketing Example #3 – American Express Open Forum

This one is all about content. Video and writing mostly. These guys are taking the approach of pulling in partners to an entirely new level. They must have a ton of companies and writers working on the content for this site. And it’s not cheap writing. You can smell cheap writing a mile away. These are really useful tips and tricks. I find myself drifting around in here reading multiple articles every time I visit.

One ding on this site, I don’t see them driving a lot of social sharing. Even great content needs a little push every now and then. They should be paying for some Facebook and Linkedin sharing.

Look through the Open Forum site

Take a strole around the site, but time yourself. See if you get out before I did. My shortest stay in this information-rich resource is about 4 mintues.

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