Ion Leap is among a short list of content marketing companies who understand what it takes to truly succeed using content marketing. There are very few full-service content marketing firms. This is what it takes to stand out against your competition. Writing is not enough. We have seen many companies who do nothing more than writing call themselves content marketing companies. At ion Leap, we go far beyond that:

Content marketing writing

We write compelling content for all kinds of companies, from business-to-business content marketing to consumer content aimed at teenagers. We do not have a vast stable of writers here. What we have are smart marketing writers who have worked at agencies and marketing companies for clients in every conceivable category of business over many years.

Content marketing graphics

We conducted a study to see which gets more clicks, social media postings which features graphics, or posts which are all text. Of course,you know the answer, but the overwhelming success of the graphic-driven postings is astounding. This points to the need for content marketing companies to have good art directors on staff, and ion Leap does.

Graphics are one of the core competencies of our company. The more inventive they are, the more attention they get for you. And attention is what we are all about.

Content marketing videos

This is an area where ion Leap truly shines. We’re led by a 25+ year veteran of some of the best ad agencies in Toronto and New York City. He’s won the top awards from his peers for commercial and video work. Now we bring that to small and mid-sized companies who want to use video in their content, but don’t have the budget of Coca Cola.

Creating wonderful videos only comes with an understanding of marketing strategy. Otherwise they are simply clever videos. And that’s not good enough. We spend a lot of time listening here, getting to know our clients, getting to know their prospects, and getting to know other industry trends and news.

All of this makes our content marketing videos much more compelling and memorable.

“Lead Bait” for lead capture

We invented that phrase, lead bait. The only way to get leads online is to offer something to your website vieweres so compelling that they will trade their email for it. Then, of course, they know you will be sending them email marketing. That’s the game.

Measurement and Stats

Return on investment is a phrase you will hear often in the hallways of our company. and we don’t achieve this with simply Google Analytics measurement. Before we get going on any major content marketing initiative, we set up landing pages which also have clever content marketing writing on them. These landing pages always have some sort of lead debate on them and ask for some sort of information from prospective customers. If the rebate is good enough, then they give us their email and/or address, and then they are bounced to a thank you page, which we can measure in Google analytics.

And that is how successful content marketing companies achieve return on investment for their clients.

Contact ion Leap. We’re at the top of the small pack of full service content marketing companies.

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Ion Leap is among a short list of content marketing companies who understand what it takes to truly succeed using content marketing. There are very few full-service content marketing firms. This is what it takes to succeed.