ion Leap follows (and invents) content marketing best practices. We help small and mid-size companies use great content to intersect with their prospects.

First, a bit of content marketing history:

1996 – the phrase Content Marketing was first used. We’ve been in the business for 4 years.

1998 – the first job title – at Netscape – used the phrase

1999 – The sentence “In content marketing, content is created to provide consumers with the information they seek.” was written into a book called ‘Make Your Website Work For You’ ( Wikipedia)

Today – As many as 93% of companies say they are doing content marketing. but only 21% say they can prove return on that investment to their upper management.

Content Marketing best practices are all about return on investment

  1. Use your overall marketing plan to inform your content marketing – These days, this should be a no-brainer. So much of an overall marketing budget goes to Internet marketing of some kind, that you simply must adhere to your marketing plan. But we find a lot of small and mid-size businesses don’t have marketing plans at all. Or they are outdated and useless. This leaves them in reactive mode.
  2. Use the right key phrases in your content – I see it all the time – postings with no effort made to use a key phrase that might intersect with a company’s best prospects. Key phrases are your best chance to interact with your prospects on their terms.Best practice in choosing key phrases should be guided by what we call The Psychology of Search. Use a mixture of Google Analytics data and good old-fashioned marketing instinct to think through the best key phrases to work at. And it does take work.Many companies mess up the deployment of key phrases into their content, some use tons of key phrases in their title tags when they should use only one per page. Others forget to use canonical URLs which should match the exact phrase in your title. Then they really mess up their H-codes, forgetting to use the same key phrase in thier H1’s. Getting your key phrases right, guided by a proper SEO expert, is worth the investment. You will achieve ROI if you do this right.
  3. Go well beyond writing – A while ago, lots of blog writing companies raised their right hands and declared themselves content marketers. To us it’s much more involved than that. Being a content marketing company means you must be versed in all the media our clients use to reach their prospective customers – video, online radio shows, written, photos, info-graphics, slide shows, etc. How many blog writing companies have ever directed a commercial or video? How many video content marketing companies can write a good blog post? But if you can find a company that can unite all your online marketing initiatives, then you’ve got a powerful content marketing firm. That’s ion Leap. We do great work for each and every element of content marketing listed here, all under one roof, all united by one marketing strategy.
    • Video content marketing is a must these days – ion Leap’s founder comes from a background making over 100 commercials and high-production videos. He has won some of the industry’s top awards for this work. One spot he did is in Moma’s permanent collection. Another was voted Commercial of the Decade in Canada. That level of experience in directing, lighting, and video work is now available at a price that small to mid-size companies can afford.
    • Online radio makes it easy for your thought leaders – It’s not easy getting anyone in your company to write these days, especially your thought leaders. They’re busy. Our online radio approach makes it easy for your team to get their ideas onto the pages of your website. We come up with live show ideas, write up the questions in advance, and then make the show fun, fast-paced, and informative. We’re great in interviewing people. As a result, we don’t just get great radio content, we get transcriptions of the interviews which can turn into wonderful blog posts.
    • Writing compelling content in any industry – This section follows the onilne radio show for obvious reasons; that’s how we extract thought leadership from those in complex categories. But writing compelling content is still an art form. Jason Fried nails it in his article, Why is Business Writing so Awful? which I think was originally published in Forbes. I particularly love this part – “When you write like everyone else and sound like everyone else and act like everyone else, you’re saying, “Our products are like everyone else’s, too.” Or think of it this way: Would you go to a dinner party and just repeat what the person to the right of you is saying all night long?”So how do you get the best writing on your website? Most companies think they should have at least one writer on staff. I won’t argue with that. Instead, I’ll suggest you occassionally bring in a company or individual who can really shake things up and add a huge piece of wonderful content onto your blog.Writing is more about the ideas than the style. We think up compelling ideas for all our clients.
    • In social media, the Pics Get the Clicks – Our culture is more visual than ever. So if your company is not using a large percentage of visuals to engage in social media, then you’re blending in. We have 2 art directors on staff. When one of our clients was out at Cisco Live! in San Diego this year, we were on full alert on Twitter. Our client was exibiting their unique solution to a group of 10 tech bloggers. We had already followed all these writers in advance, so when they began live-Tweeting their impressions of the devices, we engaged with funny, informative, and often highly graphic responses. We weren’t trying to drive traffic to their website, but rather to simply engage the bloggers. We succeeded wildly in getting the bloggers to re-Tweet our responses to them, AND we got huge spike in traffic to the client’s website without even trying.Facebook and, of course, Pinterest are no different. You wouldn’t think of putting up a wall of words on those properties. But I bet you do on Linkedin and even on your blog. Why not put a lot more visuals into your blog posts?
  4. Measure, Assess, Adjust – We are big on measurement. We report monthly, sometimes daily depending on the initiative we’re running. Best practice means we are very willing to ditch any test project and funnel a client’s marketing budget into whatever media or method is gaining traction.Measurement is important. Alterning your behavior based on what you learn is best practice in content marketing. If a particular social medium isn’t generating any leads after a period of giving it a good test, then ditch it. If your Adwords campaign is too expensive, find other ways. Change is good.

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ion Leap follows (and invents) content marketing best practices. We help small and mid-size companies use great content to intersect with their prospects.