Looking to be inspired by the best B2B content marketing so you can do something similar on your website? We’ll show you how to be inspired by your own data instead.

At ion Leap, we don’t look for such inspiration on other websites. We look to our clients’ prospective customers. We watch what they’re discussing on twitter and what they “like”¬†on Linkedin. We also look at our clients’ Google Analytics so see where they are getting traction.

When we see this, we know the content we create is going to be better able to intersect with their needs.

Best B2B Content Marketing FOR YOUR COMPANY

We can’t emphasize this enough. Your company is unique, so your content marketing should be as well. But don’t think this is content for your company. It’s not. It’s for your prospects. The more valuable it is for them, the more helpful, entertaining, and sharable, the more it will help you attract new customers.

So how do you determine the best B2B content marketing for your prospects?

  • Survey them
  • Use Google Analytics to watch what content is getting traction now and do more of it
  • Study your competitors and do a better job
  • Ask your partner companies. Invite them to help produce content for you.

B2B content marketing, more than any other category, is guilty of thinking that content marketing is nothing more than writing blog posts and doing some social media. It is far more complex and full of opportunity than that. Because where there is complacency, there is huge potential to stand out and reach more of your prospects.

We take a holistic view to create the best B2B content marketing. Holistic means we explore every available media so as to surround your best prospects with high quality, useful content.

A new area that the family is inventing is something we call Big Content Marketing Events. B2B categories are perfect for launching these.

Why? Because they stand out like nothing else.

One of our big content events is a tightly focused online explosion of videos, audio shadows, infographics, slide shares, Twitter events, e-books, webinars, and anything else we can think of.

The best B2B content marketing gets ROI

Built into everything that our company does is the demand that our efforts will result in higher sales for your company. To this end, we think well beyond just online marketing. We are aggressively experiential. We have invented entirely new media. And we will find ways to help you achieve success.

Learn about some other companies with good content marketing.

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