Sometimes, you just need a great writer. We’ve written for businesses in all categories; but not just to fill out a web page with words. We write for ROI.

Key phrase driven content writing intersects your prospects

The page you’re reading now is working the phrase “web content writing.” SEO folks will recognize that and be impressed by how seamlessly we weave the phrase into the text. But few other people would really know what we’re up to. That’s the beauty of working with professional writers who understand how Google works.

Do what Google wants and win

Google provides free tools to tell you the demand for every search phrase out there. They want you to write super content that’s so compelling others share it – especially using Google+. If your content gets shared a lot, and if it uses key phrases, then you’re on your way to getting that particular page ranked well for the phrase. This isn’t rocket science but, apparently, writing great content is rocket science (or at least a fine art).

Google’s Penguin updates are changing everything

We’ve been closely following the changes Google has been making since Spring 2012. Now you must write content that becomes popular via social media. So you may want to do a bit of reading on what constitutes great writing.

Jason Fried writing for about why business writing is so awful

Great article on improving your writing by Harvard Business Review

I found this post by Smashing Magazine very helpful. 50 FREE writing resources

USAToday’s article about the best colleges for writers

But great writing is just the start. More work required

Great writing is a good start. But you must also share it via social media to get it ranked. That’s no easy task. Let’s back up one more step.

To share it on social media, you must build a social following; and I’m not talking about your friends and family. Your ranking will greatly improve if your followers are in a related industry to yours. In other words, you must become a thought leader in your industry.

Using social media to “market” your great writing (and videos, and pics, etc.) is called content marketing. Success in this requires the tenacity of a marathon runner.

If you don’t have the resources to keep up a steady drumbeat of web content writing, contact ion Leap.