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Your website should be actively getting you new customers. If it’s not, here are the likely reasons:

  1. You’re not getting found in Google search – You’re not getting found in organic search results because your content is not updated frequently and doesn’t successfully use key phrases. Google wants you writing key-phrase-rich content marketing about your main topics on a regular basis.
  2. You’re not buying friends – You should also be paying a little to attract a following –using ad networks, Google Adwords, or social media campaigns.
  3. You’re not offering anything for free – If prospects find their way to your website using the above techniques, what’s to keep them engaged with you? Chances are, you’re not offering them any reason to follow you – whitepapers, eBooks, free samples, cool t-shirts, etc.
  4. You’re dull on social media – Yes, good social media tactics can encourage fans to buy products. But only if you’re engaging, fun, and helpful.

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Small and medium businesses: Let us put your lazy website to work

At ion Leap, we work the web to get our clients found and loved.

We’re ruthless about it.

We build engaging content for clients in consumer packaged goods, travel, heavy industry, IT hardware and software, medical devices, retail, and other categories. And we build it cost-effectively.

Turn your website into a lead-generating tool for your company. We’ll show you how to do it in a way you can afford. We’ve got case histories and customer testimonials that will convince you our methods work.

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Specifically what we will do:

  1. Create “bait” that your prospects will want to download, in exchange for their email address. Their email address !!!
  2. Create high-end “bait” that promises to help them so much they hand over their business mailing address, phone number, etc.
  3. Design and launch an outbound email marketing program to take advantage of all the new leads flowing in. Write on-going email marketing campaigns to reach both of the above “bait” responses on a regular basis & achieve a minimum 20% open rate and 8% click through rate to your landing pages (which we will also build and manage).
  4. Pull your prospects into a sales funnel and nurture them towards a sale. This is especially important if you’re a highly considered purchase.
  5. Set up the forms on your website and the back end database to manage the new prospect engagement.
  6. Invent and write on-going blog copy on your website that uses the same key phrases your prospects use when looking for companies like yours. This will make Google love your website and will get your company to show up in the organic search results for specific searches.
  7. Create mesmerizing videos for YouTube and embed them on your website. This is always a lot of work. The videos have to be epic to create buzz and social sharing for your company.
  8. Boost your social media following by going after the correct targets. First we have to figure out which targets will help you create buzz and share you among their following.
  9. Test which social media to use in paid outreach campaigns, and then manage it for you, in ongoing and inventive ways. We have created tremendous results with Facebook and Twitter, even Pinterest.

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Thinking of DIY (doing it yourself) content marketing?

This is a tall order. The reasons you have a lazy website are:

  1. It takes a lot of time to build a lead-generating engine
  2. You lack specific knowledge of how to do it right

But if you’re still planning to do it yourself, consider our Content Marketing Training program. Learn more about content marketing training. Click Here.

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