Search marketing solutions must approach your website the way search engines want it to be done

This is a deeper look at what you must do to make your website rank on the organic (free) side of search engine results. There’s much more to discuss on each part of this approach to search marketing solutions, but this is a good way to start thinking about it.

search marketing solutions

Content Crafting – Must intersect with the searches your prospects are entering
on Google and Bing, in the phrases they are entering. Ideally you should not go after terribly competitive key phrases unless your overall “Domain Authority” is high. We believe content crafting will become more and more important. It’s the one thing that can’t be faked. Oh, wait… everything can be faked. There’s a relatively new thing out called content spinning, though why anyone would what this stuff on their web page is beyond me. We’ve written about this practice here.

Outside Links – Cheating at this is now being punished. Links are still one of the highest determining factors in page rank. Ion Leap does this primarily through content writing on article submission websites and outside blog reviews, etc. Our search marketing solutions include minimal directory listings, but these don’t come with any relevant content on their pages, so it’s of lesser value. We’ve written a blog post about this here.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is kind of a “catch-all” phrase now that includes link building, code optimization and more. It determines how successfully search engines “crawl” every page on your website. On-page SEO must be unique to the content and goals of every page of your website. SEO done correctly and patiently can make a huge difference on your website.

Age of Domain – It’s a major factor in how search engines determine your company’s credibility, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t go back in time and open your website any sooner. However, if your website is relatively new, Ion Leap has inventive marketing solutions that can help you achieve a high presence on the organic search results. A website that’s been around a while and is doing all of the other points above correctly will be difficult to beat on the phrases they’re chasing.