How’s your website stacking up against your competitors? At ion Leap, we’ve created proven search marketing solutions for consumer and B2B websites. We begin each engagement with a full review of your website versus your competitors. It starts with a thorough phrase-by-phrase analysis. But, for now, we’ll give you a FREE sneak peek at our evaluation process. This evaluation includes a snapshot of:

  • How your website stacks up against your main competitors on Google search phrases your prospects are seeking
  • How you can sneak by stronger competitors in your category
  • What you’re doing right and wrong in your overall content strategy
  • How you’re using social media
  • Whether or not you need a blog
  • How many other websites think you’re an authority on specific key phrases
  • What it will take to dominate some specific high-value key phrases
  • How to optimize every aspect of your website – content, graphics, links, etc.

This is a quick overview that we can present back to you in 20 minutes or less.

blog writer evaluation