Things in the Search Marketing world have certainly changed over the last couple years. The biggest news is the Penguin update that Google began rolling out back in Spring 2012.

Now, content is becoming more important than ever. And it’s not just what you write, but who writes it.

Search marketing success now depends on your writers’ personal authority

With the changes Google is calling AuthorRank, now your website writers’ authority is a major factor in how your pages rank in search results. Your writers must have a Google+ account (click here)

and that must be tied into your website’s blog using a precise set of instructions – here.

Then your writers must get busy joining Goolge+ communities, giving other content +1s, and guiding your followers to unique web content. In this last aspect, Google+ is just like other social media – activity earns you rewards. But in the case of Google+, the rewards are much bigger.

Links are out. Content is in.

A conversation about search marketing solutions must now include lots of talk about content. It’s now central to getting found by your prospects using search. Google’s Panda update turned the SEO world on its head. Now, any discussion of search marketing solutions must be a conversation about content marketing. Click here to learn more.

You need strategic and highly creative content

This can’t be emphasized enough. Google is looking at social shares more than ever, and this is only going to become more important. How do you create content that’s so wonderful it gets shared?

Believe it or not, you need a former advertising creative person working for you. Our founder worked at some of the most creative ad agencies in the world. While the media was different, the need was the same:

  • Get attention in crowded media
  • Create eye-popping visuals
  • Write creatively amazing headlines and copy
  • Produce TV commercials (now web videos) that are incredibly creative
  • Do all of the above on budget and quickly

The advantage of working with a company like ion Leap is that we bring years of strategic discipline to the creation of wonderful content.

SEO still has a role

Even with all the changes, SEO isn’t dead. But today’s search marketing solutions should be completely different than those the SEO companies were offering 3 years ago.

Outside links are still important, especially from websites that end in a .edu, or other authority sites. They’re just next to impossible to obtain.

Creating great content for your business sector is totally achievable. Not easy, but it can be done.

Contact ion Leap for unique solutions in search marketing.