From logo design, to trade show booths, to full branding, ion Leap delivers a strategic approach with memorable graphics.

We take an integrated approach in everything we do, often going beyond the assignment to consider other touch points your branding elements will reach.

Clear messaging and stand-out graphics are critical to your success.

It’s a cluttered world out there. Cleanliness and memorability are always the first consideration in every design approach from ion Leap. We want you to stand out.

Why integration is so important.

We come from the traditional marketing world. There, we were media agnostic. If you look around, you’ll see that most design firms and ad agencies lead with their strength. Usually it’s print.

Our strength is strategy. It keeps us nimble and open-minded. If you need sales collateral, or a Power Point slide presentation, we’ll certainly give you a great one. But our strategic approach to design takes us further, exploring other avenues you may not have considered – often online opportunities, or mixed online with print.

Integration in design solutions is especially important if your company has a long sales cycle. If you do, then you have more touch points with your prospects as you pull them deeper into your sales funnel. Keeping consistent design elements is critical. Your target is bombarded by other messaging every day. If you’re not consistent over the long haul, you’ll be forgotten. But there’s more.

While consistency is important, the design must not inhibit brilliant thinking.

At the end of the day, design PLUS messaging is what sells. Design supports messaging, not the other way around. So you’ll never see ion Leap create branding solutions that dictate exclusive use of a particular illustration style. If you can only use illustration, how can you possibly show your product photography? How can you show portraits of your leadership on your website?

If our mature approach to design solutions sounds good to you, please contact ion Leap to learn more.