Video content marketing strategy for your YouTube videos, Google+ Hangout videos and other videos. Inventive, affordable, effective content marketing videos from Ion Leap.

Since 2001, we have written, filmed, and edited a wide variety of videos for clients in all sorts of business sectors. This 2 minute video will give you an idea of what we can do for your company:

The web is getting flooded with videos. These statistics from the YouTube website are enlightening:

  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month
  • According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network 

In all those content marketing videos, creativity stands out

ion Leap is led by a 25-year veteran of traditional ad agencies – Chiat Day, Lord Dentsu, Hill Holiday, etc. Our director has won awards for his creativity and execution in commercials and videos in categories as diverse as coffee, beer, travel, packaged goods, banking, technology, software, and more.

The experience gained from higher production budgets translates into better quality videos for our clients at lower budgets.

Regular posting of videos to your YouTube page helps SEO.

Factors you can control that help your ranking are:

  • Title – use a key phrase.
  • Description – again, use key phrases.
  • Tags – YouTube lets you dictate the key phrases you want to be found for. Don’t overdo it. And make sure these phrases are in your description above.
  • Transcription – YouTube automatically generates a transcription of your video
  • Closed Captions – Allow this option. It can help with your ranking.
  • User engagement – yes, you can control this. Put up wonderful, clever, informative videos and users will stay engaged longer. And they will share your videos in social media which helps your ranking.

An approach that keeps costs under control

Many small to mid-size businesses don’t think they have the expertise or skill to succeed at video marketing. For the most part, they’re right. But if you follow this approach, you can outsource a smaller number and produce a high volume of videos yourself, or with minimal outsourcing.

Divide your video up into 3 tiers.

video content marketing tiers

Tier 1 – amazingly wonderful video marketing

While you don’t have to do many of these a year, the ones you invest in must be amazing and epic. The goal is to get your company’s customers and prospects to love them so much they share them on social media. To achieve that, your tier 1 videos must be unforgettable and meaningful to them. Because of this, they cost more money.

ion Leap excels at Tier 1 videos. More than anything else, they have to be great ideas. They can’t be like anything you’ve ever seen before.

Tier 2 – less expensive content video production

Typically, these are interviews or high-end product shots interspersed with “B roll” footage and other interesting graphics, charts, and screen capture to bring the video to life.

Tier 2 videos don’t have to be expensive, but they do have to look good. Also, they must have great audio. So many interview videos forget the importance of the audio track. At ion Leap, we invested in a top-of-the-line lavalier system. These are the wireless microphones used in the best movie and documentary videos.

ion Leap has found ways to keep these videos low cost and to crank out a good number of them per month. Such videos do a great job of giving the viewer a sense of your corporate ethos.

Tier-3 – do-it-yourself video content marketing

Need to demo some software with screen captures in Camtasia?
Want to introduce a new employee?
Like to give people a tour of your headquarter office?

Grab your iPhone 6 with it’s less-than-stellar audio quality and let it rip. But you should drop your standard animated logo onto it with snazzy intro music.

Typically, companies do these themselves then Dropbox the raw files to us. We edit them into a consistent format, drop them into YouTube for approval, then make them public for all to see.

Tier-3b – Google+ Hangout videos

After initial training, these are absolutely free and easy to do. Google+ Hangouts can be treated almost like blogging. Remember to use key phrases in the titles, show description, and in the tags. Thought leaders on your staff should be the stars of these videos.

Use the same tier structure on your YouTube channel

Set your YouTube channel up with playlists in the same order above. Your very best videos must near the top of the page. You might want a tier 1 video as your feature. Park your Google+ Hangouts feed at the bottom of the page.

Why do this? Because viewers start at the top of the page and you want to lead with those videos that best encapsulate your company story.

views aren't everything

Don’t judge your YouTube success only by how many people view your videos. A great example: Some B2B companies create videos aimed at just one company. If that company watches it from start to finish, then it was 100% successful.

Study the video drop off in your YouTube statistics. Is a video with 5000 views successful if fewer than 10% of the audience watch the entire thing?

Social shares of your videos is also a great measure of success, especially if you’re paying to get it into a particular demographic’s Facebook timeline, for instance.

Making YouTube Work for You

Google owns YouTube. It’s the #2 search engine on the web. Launching your content videos into YouTube correctly is a critical part of content marketing. Sharing them via Google+ and other channels must be done in an ongoing way.

At ion Leap, we go beyond looking for followers on Facebook and Twitter. We have aggressive tactics for finding new followers of your YouTube channel. This is critical because YouTube gives you a nice way to speak to that group directly every time you launch a video. So the more subscribers you have, the more personalized you can be when you launch new content marketing videos.

content marketing video promotion box on YouTube

This may seem like a small detail, but successful content marketing is hundreds of small things done consistently.

Keeping Content Marketing Video Costs Low

Because Internet marketing budgets must be stretched across so many different online media, clients want to keep costs low on everything they’re doing. Content videos are no exception. But how do you stand out on limited budgets?

This is where most content agencies fail. At ion Leap, we’ve won awards for commercials and videos that cost far less then you’d think.

We do it with creativity.

We’ve all seen videos, even entire movies, that were shot on small budgets yet achieved tremendous impact. That’s our approach to content marketing videos.

We get maximum impact out of smaller budgets. That allows us to create even more videos for our clients.

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Video content marketing strategy for your YouTube videos, Google+ Hangout videos and other videos. Inventive, affordable, effective content marketing videos from Ion Leap.