Marketing to consumers doesn’t just require inventive solutions. Sometimes it takes something akin to a miracle.

There are many things working against consumer marketers these days –

  • The Millennial Generation has decided they want to be spoken “with” not “at.”
  • There are more marketing channels than any of us could have ever conceived. So your messaging is more invisible than ever before.
  • Marketing budgets are still getting cut.
  • Branding is out. Metrics are in. Prove it or lose it.

Step 1: Attention.
Step 2: Love.

Consumer marketing has always been about getting attention. You’ve got to make your company stand out in the fray. At ion Leap, we do this with outrageously inventive creative solutions, beautifully produced.

Inventive creative gets the attention.
Consistent brand delivery gets the love.

That “love” word isn’t one you often hear on ad agency or content marketing company websites. But if your brand is viewed as worthy of consumers’ love, and their brand experience consistently validates that feeling you’ll have very loyal consumers. Consumer marketing solutions that build this and then nurture it will be an important part of that experience.

There is still art in marketing

I wish we could tell you that this is all based on an easily repeated process in which we press a few buttons and out pops a perfect consumer marketing solution that makes you rich. It doesn’t work that way. Instead, the marketing director looking for an ad agency or content marketing agency to make consumers fall in love with them must rely on gut feeling and on compelling case histories. At ion Leap, we create the one and can show the other.

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