Does your blog writer understand the complexities of content marketing?

With the recent changes in Google+ and Google AuthorRank, your blog writer is an even more important part of your marketing team. The success of your content marketing depends in large part on how much your blog writer understands about the on-going changes at Google.

At ion Leap, we’ve been successful in helping companies in all kinds of categories keep their content and social media up to date. But what if you’re the one in charge of writing your company’s blog? Then you’re going to need the same kind of endurance we have.

Myself, I was a good distance runner, but only ran one full 26-mile, 385-yard marathon. I did quite well at it. But what I really excelled at was never missing a day of practice. That’s the kind of endurance you need to be a successful blog writer.

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to succeed over the long haul, don’t worry – ion Leap can step in and relieve you from time to time, or full time. Just contact us to learn more.

Blog Writers Must Learn Key Phrase Marketing

At ion Leap, we don’t see any reason to put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – without a strategic business objective behind the work. That leads us to work key phrases into everything we do.

Your prospects are using Google to solve their problems. If your blog writer is not using the same key phrases in your content, then you’re failing to intersect with your prospects.

Your Blog Writer Must Attain a High Google AuthorRanking

Your real goal as marketing companies using the web is to draw customers into your website for the right reasons – because they love your content. Google, who manages 75% of all web searches, is shutting down all the old SEO scams. So what’s left is to do content that’s unbelievably loved by your readers.

Google is the undisputed gatekeeper between you and your prospects

Google measures most social media engagement. They’re placing more and more emphasis on their own Google+. If your blog writer has a high AuthorRanking, then the content they park on your website will achieve a higher ranking.

Some of our content is getting lots of +1s on Google+

Blog Writing Services

These are the kind of numbers that start to build AuthorRank. Take our word for it, it’s not easy! Our blog writers have to create the content, and then we have to market it via social media again and again. That marketing via social channels must be thought out as well.

We Ghost Write for Your Thought Leaders to Build their Google AuthorRank

We’re currently setting our clients up using the code required so their blog writing can get recognized by Google and help their ranking. We’ve got a system for making this work for any kind of business.

Contact us to learn more about ion Leap blog writing services.