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We’re a content-driven, Internet-focused advertising firm that helps companies get found by customers using strategic blog writer teams, SEO and inventive tactics. One of the most basic goals of every company should be to find itself ranked highly on search engines for specific key phrase searches.

blog writer evaluation of your site's SEO

Want to get found on search marketing? Find a good blog writer company.

SEO is in danger of being over-hyped. While absolutely critical to your success, search engine optimization by itself can only open the door of your website to search engines. But if there’s no valuable content waiting, you’ll never climb the rankings. This is why many companies are failing to get the full value of their investment in SEO.

Paid Adwords are not a long-term solution and they don’t build your company’s real value online. Your prospects are 60% more likely to click the organic links on the left side of a search results page than to click the paid ads on the right side.

There’s only one process to follow to get onto page 1 or 2 of the left side and we follow it to the letter. SEO is a critical part of it, but that’s just the beginning.

ion Leap uses a consistent content approach across the web, social media, email and mobile that will be as valued by your customers as it is by Google. With SEO, link building and especially content creation (and much more) by blog writer teams, we will build you a lasting brand and a lasting organic ranking for years to come.

We go well beyond getting you ranked to page 1

Getting to page 1 on lots of search phrases is no guarantee you’ll turn those rankings into sales. Our blog writer teams focus on the total experience, questioning your meta descriptions, your page titles, and especially your landing pages for each key phrase. What matters is SALES.

Contact us to talk about the total search experience and how your brand can better intersect with your prospects through great content writing and blog writer postings.

Why you should hire ion Leap

  • Because you’re down on page 3 (or far worse) in the organic rankings of what your prospects are seeking.
  • You offer a good product or service, yet your prospects can’t find you.
  • You’re getting tired of spending so much on Adwords campaigns.
  • You take your brand seriously and demand to succeed in every possible way and in every new media that matters.
  • Because you need your marketing budget to be fully accountable.

ion Leap was started by a 25 year veteran of marketing and advertising in New York. Steve St. Clair was a writer and creative director at agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, Chiat Day, and Hill Holliday.

ion Leap Services

  • Strategic positioning
  • Integration planning
  • SEO assessment and updating
  • Link strategies and ongoing execution
  • Keyphrase research, strategy and tactics
  • Social Media strategy and execution
  • Blog assessment or launch
  • Ongoing heavy content creation – blog writing, films, slide shows, etc
  • Print, TV, Radio, collateral

We bring blog writer teams to build keyphrase-rich content onto your site that search engines will love

Can your blog writer combine great writing with SEO science to achieve search success

Does your blog writer admit that ranking on page 1 isn’t enough?

Contact ion Leap about blog writing and much more. We bring an integrated solution to turn high page rankings into sales