Creative B2B Marketing Solutions Stand Out Even More

When companies market to companies, they get very serious. Just a few sales can make or break a company’s year. Winning or losing a big contract might mean the difference between laying off staff or hiring and giving out bonuses. So who can blame a company for keeping a serious tone in their marketing?

The case for an ad agency that creates entertaining B2B marketing solutions

At ion Leap, we’ve always believed that when the world is zigging, it’s time to zag. Several years ago we found a client who agreed and let us create one of the most effective B2B marketing solutions we’ve ever seen with an 800% increase in qualified leads.

B2B marketing solutionsThe client in this story is Raritan Computer. The campaign is explained in the video below. What’s hard to explain is the courage it took for the marketing director to let us break most of the rules of B2B marketing. We embraced how their target uses print advertising; and how they use the Internet to research technology products. The results were astounding.

With all that’s at stake, it’s no wonder B2B companies maintain a more sober approach to their marketing. But even those who are very careful about how their B2B marketing solutions express their corporate tone of voice can break through with superior creative ideas. We’re a B2B ad agency with lots more examples than we have room to show, but the Ricoh solution below came with such great ROI that we had to fit this one into the samples of our work.

Even serious B2B marketing solutions can break through

Ricoh Alliances Group needed strong B2B Technology Marketing. They encouraged us come up with exciting solutions to their marketing needs. For them, an engagement with a prospect can mean very high ROI. One of our campaigns garnered 335 appointments – a 15.2% response rate. Those led to 111 opportunities to pitch for a contract! That’s a 5.04% sale rate. As you can imagine, the ROI on this campaign was huge!

ion Leap is the B2B ad agency with great experience in getting high ROI with our B2B marketing solutions. Contact us today and ask for more examples.

B2B marketing solutions from the B2B ad agency that chooses a tone that’s appropriate for your category.

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