Even all the focus on the Internet, companies still need print ads, collateral sales support, packaging design, brochures, flyers, print management radio commercials, TV commercials, media support, etc.

We’re a boutique ad agency with the experience to help small and medium clients manage all their advertising needs.

Multi-media Campaign Management

Most campaigns these days are integrated multi-media efforts. These require a level of coordination that most small agencies cannot pull off. At ion Leap, we can pull it off because we’ve done many such campaigns before. And because we’re extremely well organized.

Creative Advertising Services

Management of campaigns has nothing to do with being creative in creating memorable messages. At ion Leap, we lead with our creative muscle. Often, we bring clients solutions or executions they didn’t ask for because we’ve thought of a breakthrough idea that will really stand out.

We believe clients must start relationships with their prospective customers. The best place to manage a relationship is your website. So our thinking is almost always integrated. Almost everything we show a client pushes their prospects to website content, and we do this in incredibly inventive ways.

Account Management

The economy has forced companies to cut their marketing staffs down to the bare essentials. For many of our clients, ion Leap makes up for that staff by becoming an integral part of the marketing department. We’re part of weekly status meetings and are included in major strategic meetings. We travel to trade shows, and contribute to internal briefing documents. In short, we’re integral.

Media and PR Services

We currently partner with outside media buying services and public relations experts with appropriate vertical business experience.

Our job in these relationships is to ensure the full value of your integrated campaigns is realized to their fullest potential. We don’t hand over the ideas and then wait for the partner to create their work. Rather, we work directly and closely with our PR and media-buying partners on a daily basis.

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