The really successful Internet marketers are doing lead capture and nurturing. This is the process of pulling in targets to a landing page with great content on it, and an offer. Those who submit their contact information are welcoming you to continue contact with them. This is called “lead nurturing.”

All this can be painfully complex.

Lead capture requires the offering of something so compelling that a prospect will give up their email address. I don’t know about you, but I maintain two email addresses for just this reason. My work email is sacred, but my personal email gets all sorts of spam. About once a month I go in and break all their hearts by “unsubscribing” them, best described with this visual:

content marketing service
However, there are a few content marketers out there whom I value enough to keep my hand off the toilet flush.

There’s a blog writer who does writing and consulting for companies. His emails are usually funny and occasionally inspire me to try new things.  I almost never read an entire email from him, but I always look at his subject lines.  The guy knows how to write a subject line.

He got my email address because he offered a free e-book about a subject of deep interest to me. I wanted to get his techniques. I still have the e-book and refer to it from time to time. I’ve never once hired him because his final offer is unclear. I don’t know what service he really provides. It’s like he’s afraid to make a pitch.

Lead nurturing acknowledges that many categories are “considered purchases”  – the target is expected to leave your website and think it over a while. Your goal is to capture that lead with some sort of an offer, which they will want so badly they will give you their email address in exchange for it. On boring websites, it’s a white paper, or a webinar. That’s original.

Your prospects give you their email address for your coveted webinar, and then you can use that to market to them via their email.

To do lead nurturing successfully, you must create more content and emails to send out to your email list. Yes, even more content; and this content must be created specifically for each part of the lead funnel your targets are currently within. If they’re early in the process, you will speak to them differently than if they’re further down into the funnel.

Ongoing Marketing

Let’s assume you’ve created a successful piece of lead bait like an eBook. You’ve captured 500 email addresses of qualified targets.

You’re still not done.

Now you’ve got to continue to nurture this group of people into buying your product or service. Most companies use email for this. You can too, but also consider other outreach media like phone calls, post cards, etc. The decision of which to use is based on your category and how much of a considered purchase your product/ service is.

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