Content Marketing budgets

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it.
            – Alan Perlis

Marketing budgets have been squeezed to the breaking point. The operating principle has become triage: figure out what part of your marketing mix you have time and resources to solve, then let the rest die.

There are currently at least 11 critical Internet activities that should keep you busy:

  1. Key phrase research based on deep category knowledge.
  2. Content writing on your blog using your key phrases and creating highly valuable posts which address prospect pain points.
  3. YouTube videos to capitalize on the fact that Google ranks videos highly
  4. Google+ – It’s faded a lot, but hey it’s Google. Do what they want you to do.
  5. Google Local – Ditto.
  6. Linkedin – Chances are you should be publishing and doing paid promotion on it.
  7. Facebook – It works for some businesses.
  8. Twitter – Great for getting the press to notice you.
  9. “Lead Bait” – eBooks, webinars, etc. Your website should entice viewers into trading their email and/or mailing address for a useful free offer.
  10. Ongoing marketing to the list you’re building in #9 using email, SMS, etc.
  11. Measurement with Google Analytics and adjustment of your efforts.

Each has its own complexities. Each demands ongoing attention to make them work for you.

None of those properties is new. Tens of thousands of others are competing for the eyeballs of your prospects. For you to stand out among them, you have to do much more than just show up and post mundane pics of your trade show. Your prospects have seen tons of similarly boring posts.

Showing up won’t get you sales.

Why all of the above is not enough.

To stand out, you must take even more time to come up with brilliant content, stunning visual ideas, amazing blog posts, and captivating YouTube videos.

Is your head ready to explode yet?

It gets worse

You’ve got to build an audience of followers on Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And that audience must be made up on your actual prospects. Going on and buying yourself 10,000 Twitter followers for $5 is worthless. Building the right following takes time and great content.

Sounds complex, right?

It gets much worse.

Read our next blog post to learn just how complex all this can get.

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