Strategic Content Marketing

The general consensus in the world of content marketing (and many other fields) is that bigger = better. However, we pride ourselves on being driven by strategy and a laser-like focus, not on creating a ton of content and hoping something sticks. Precision beats volume every time.

We were founded by a top creative person at some of the world’s largest agencies, who also founded two of the smallest and most nimble. He’s seen what works and what gets in the way of effective marketing. Here, some of his perceptions from that experience:

1. When you lead with strategy, you focus on results

A recent survey found that 43% of companies are spending more on content marketing in 2015. But only 21% successfully track ROI.  We lead with a strategic approach that begins with understanding our client’s market, and then finding unique ways to achieve ROI. In B2B marketing, that means leads which turn into meetings.

2. Strategic content marketing services create more engaging work

54% of companies surveyed say producing engaging content is their main challenge. Translation: they’re not getting the results they want and they believe better content can achieve it.

But how to get more engaging content?

Strategic content marketing firms focus on the target’s pain points and recommend aligning client services/solutions – and content marketing – to answer those pain points.

Then it comes down to being clever, inventive, and engaging.

3. Strategic content companies adapt

Only 21% of companies surveyed say they can track their content marketing’s return on investment. If you can’t track what’s working and what’s not, then you cannot adapt and try new things. There are many social media that need to be tested and explored. Each medium offers unique opportunities for engagement, but some will turn out to be duds for your company. You won’t know unless you test, measure, and then adapt.

4. The goal is ALWAYS sales

Only 43% of companies say the goal of their content marketing is sales. 63% say their goal is website traffic. At ion Leap, we have one goal for our clients – sales.

We go even further.
In social media, the goal is not likes or follows.
It’s sales.
On your YouTube channel, the goal isn’t the number of views.
It’s sales.

5. You save money

If you’re not aiming before you fire, then you’re trying the scatter-shot approach. While a scatter-shot technique might accidentally hit the bulls eye, you will have also wasted lots of time and money.

While it may seem that content marketing services who crank out a ton of blogs and videos have it all figured out, take a closer look. If the plan is not guided by strategy, their content marketing could fall short. Make sure whatever content marketing service you choose has your ROI as the focus of your content marketing plan.

Statistics from Content Marketing Institute survey

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