Who would have thought 6-second videos would be so popular. We got hooked on it.


Before they launched, Vine sold to Twitter. I think it was the right move. After all, a viewer base addicted to 140 character tweets would love 6-second videos. And we did. In 2013 Vine became available to the public with an easy launch into Twitter streams.

The same month Vine launched, Mashable was just as excited as we were, “It’s the kind of moment that comes rarely, but tech journalists live for it: a service is launched with little fanfare and receives a sudden, energetic burst of genuine buzz. Developers start remixing it in all kinds of fascinating ways. It’s supremely easy to use, and mobile, so we get hooked.”  Here, a few of our Vines:

In hindsight, Vine served little utility. At ion Leap, we used it to spice up (decorate) a few of our clients’ blogs, but they never really got enamored with it. In the end, weak adoption beyond consumers had a lot to do with the inevitable death of Vine.

My Vine showing an empty Krispy Kreme box was prescient – When they launched videos into their already proven solution, Instagram ate Vine.

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