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Google’s Penguin 4.0 update processes in real time. It’s fast. What does that speed mean? It means Google will acknowledge in-bound links to your site much faster. And if you’re disavowing bad links, that also gets discovered by Penguin in real-time. But the question is, does it crawl your website changes in real time – changes like posting a new page that goes after ranking on a new key phrase?

Work on your website now, your entire site

We’re currently helping 5 clients either re-launch websites or get active in content marketing. This is a great time for them. They could see benefits much faster.

If you’ve got parts of your website that you’ve been ignoring, you might want to focus on them again with wonderful content and work to get honest links pointed at them. As in many of the recent updates, Google repeated their demand that companies focus on great content, not linking schemes. The best thing you can do it put up great content which your readers will want to share by pointing a link at it. Do this on every page of your website, or at least the one you want to get ranked for a particular phrase, and then watch it rise.

I’ve been looking around for more explanation on a hint I saw about page ranking being more important than site-wide ranking, the way it’s worked up until now. I can find not details on this.

Quality content marketing is more important than ever

As with all these Google updates, little is released. The news on this release is that you’d better focus on putting up incredibly high-value content – the kind that lots of folks will want to point links at. Google is still very serious about in-bound links as a quality measurement and they repeated it several times in their announcement of Penguin 4.0.

ion Leap is a high-quality content marketing service for clients of all sizes. We follow updates like Penguin 4.0 to alert our clients to changes in the way we must manage their content for maximum impact.

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