social media statisticsIn social media pics get more clicks than text-only postings.

Why does this matter?

Clicks and social sharing are read by search engines as a signal of the value of website pages. If your postings are generating lots of “+1’s” and “Likes” and comments, (and if they point a link to a page on your website) then search engines will rank the page you’re pointing at higher in organic search. In ion Leap’s laboratory, I’ve seen this make a huge and sudden difference in a page’s ranking – both for consumer and B2B marketers, so we explored both.

To study this subject, I looked for a marketer that has a good mix of pic-only postings and text-only postings. I gathered information from the 5 most recent image-focused posts and text-only posts and averaged out each metric.

Social Media for a Consumer Business

Disney on Facebook

Disney on Google+

Social Media for a Business-to-Business Marketer

I used the same methodology to study a business-to-business marketer. In this case, Cisco is one of the few with a mix between image-only posts and text-only posts.

While you might expect the overall numbers to be lower – it is a niche category and target – you might not expect the results. Some marketers to business think social media (and all their marketing) should be more carefully written. As the data below shows, pics get the clicks in this audience, too.

At ion Leap, we’ve changed the way we use our Facebook page altogether. It’s now entirely images. Furthermore, we’re following a theme that gives viewers an insight into our staff’s unique personalities. Click here to see it.

Cisco on Facebook

Cisco on Google+

See this great article by Ben Plomion on the MarketingTech website in which he wrote, “It only takes 13 milliseconds for a human to process a picture — making it easier for people to instantly consume more information.”

Speed is one factor in why pics are overtaking word-heavy social posts. Smartphones is another factor. Now everyone is creating pics and sharing them via social media. Companies should behave very much the same, or you’ll get ignored.

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