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One of the questions we hear most often is “how often should we post on various social media?”

Social media statistics abound. Many of these stats are from the media themselves, which leads one to believe they may be biased. We’ve done studies of our own and have a different approach.

Facebook Recommends: 0.5 X per day to 4 X per day
Ion Leap Recommends: 0.5 X per day to 2 X per day  – (based on quality of linked content)
Companies like Disney, Oreo, Starbucks and Coca-cola post once every two days so they don’t wear out their audience. When opportunities present themselves, they post something special and relevant, even if it means posting multiple times a day. Our research proves pics outperform all-text posts.
Best time/day – Thursdays at 3 pm. Not useful for business on weekends.

Twitter Recommends: 10 X per day to 15 X per day
Ion Leap Recommends: 3 X per day to 5 X per day – (based on quality of linked content)
Frequency on Twitter varies wildly. Larger companies who can dedicate a full staff to social media can post as many as 50 tweets per day. This is total overkill.
Best time/day – Mid-afternoon early in the week (not Friday after 3 pm)

Linkedin Recommends: 1 X per day, weekdays only
Ion Leap Recommends: 1 X per day, weekdays in some sectors
The above number is from Linkedin. Our advice is to make sure you’re positing great content. In all social media work, you will be judged by the value you bring to the party. Better content trumps frequency. NOTE: While Linkedin and others recommend not posting on weekends, we go deeper. Certain business sectors block employee access to social media like Linkedin from their offices, so many in businesses like data centers catch up on the weekends.
Best time/day – Preferable at 9:15 a.m., like best practice in email marketing

Instagram Recommends: 1 X per day at most
Ion Leap Recommends: 1 X per day at most but test more often
A general rule for Instagram is to post once a day and no more. The media skews younger, so during school / college hours, you won’t get as many hits.
Best time/day – Mid day is fine. Weekends are okay

Pinterest Recommends: 10 X per day
Ion Leap Recommends: 1 X per day to 10 X per day
While this may seem excessive depending on your business category, Pinterest is eye candy. It’s visual snack food. It’s important to study the business sectors who are succeeding with Pinterest. Is your B2B target audience populated by engineers? Pinterest skews heavily female, yet the percent of female engineers is only 19.2%.
An important point on using Pinterest is to use valuable sector key phrases in naming your bulletin boards. Google picks these up.
Best time/day – Mid day to 8 pm. Skews heavily female

Much like SEO and content advice from Google, remember that the quality of the content you’re marketing with your social media is the primary concern. Publish great content and you will have a loyal following.


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