Ion Leap owns sixteen URLs between Google Domains and Yahoo. Only 4 of them point to websites. I purchased several to re-direct people into deep content on the ion Leap website. I bought others simply because I was experimenting with new initiative to promote our content marketing services. Many of of those initiatives still reside in the “someday” folder.


Are you using clever URL re-directs in your content marketing?

Many marketing directors are uncomfortable putting any URL on their marketing material other than their corporate web address. But there are great reasons to do so.

  1. Memorability: The URL is memorable. The URL is not memorable. Nuff said.
  2. Specificity: Your homepage is the most general part of your website. It must speak to all your target audiences. It’s not the right place to point a vertical marketing campaign at. Unique URLs are a highly relevant, targeted way to do vertical marketing. When I drove people to, they landed on the page of our website with the most relevant information about their interest. If I were offering our SEO services, then they should arrive at a page with the correct information on the landing page.
  3. Measurability: You’re investing time and money into marketing. Get real results from your efforts using re-directs which can be measured as referrals and then tracked around your website to gauge your prospects’ interests. Install something like Lead Forensics and you’ll see when specific target companies hit your site and which pages they visit. This is particularly good for B2B marketers.


An interesting URL gets pricey

A couple years ago, I bought for $12 for a marketing initiative and used it to redirect traffic to this page of our website. Our content marketing turns lazy websites into lead generation engines.

The URL worked well for us and was fun to explain to prospects. But I let it expire because we no longer needed it. Today I looked to see if anyone had grabbed it. They certainly had!

Now the URL costs $3495 to purchase.

You can finance it for 12 monthly payments of $292.

I didn’t realize what a hot property I had my hands on. But it’s only valuable if you use it in your marketing, and so far no one has since I gave it up.

Learn how you can use unique URLs in your marketing. Contact ion Leap.

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