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Search Engine Land is like many news organizations. They may not know how their viewers might interpret their homepage.

Take today’s issue. Many of the graphic call-outs at the top of their homepage seem to be dwelling on the decline of Google.

They could not have planned this. More than likely this was a complete accident. The New York Times often makes the same mistake. Stories make it to their front page without any one person being in charge and blowing the whistle to put a stop to what might be interpreted as an emerging theme.

Maybe it’s just this content marketing service’s reading of Search Engine Land’s theme: Google is in trouble.

So is Google in trouble?

That depends on who might rise to steal share from Google?

The answer? No one.

There is no other company out there like Google.

Think about it. Not only do they own almost 8 out of 10 search engine queries conducted on the Internet, they own the second-most hit search engine – YouTube. And they dominate paid search.

Google is in very good shape to continue to dominate the Internet.

Is this a trend? Stay tuned.



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