content marketingBlog Talk Radio is an online platform that allows your company to create radio shows to discuss industry topics, thought leadership, and company initiatives (or really anything else!) You create audio shows simply by calling into a phone number and having a quick conversation. The show is recorded and lives online at and is available for embedding and social sharing.

ion Leap has created over 40 Blog Talk Radio (BTR) shows over the years. Once we even conducted a 3-day global conference on BTR, which had over 300 participants listening in and chatting from 4 continents and 9 countries. We are huge fans of this platform and recommend it to almost all our clients for a number of reasons…

1. It makes creating content easy.

In a recent survey by The Content Marketing Institute, most of those who self-identify as competent content marketers say their number 1 issue is creating enough content.

One look at their blogs, their YouTube channels, and their lack of engaging graphics on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter shows just how difficult creating content is for some companies.

Blog Talk Radio makes it easy to create audio content. It’s easy on your thought leaders – they just have to talk, no writing involved.

But you get more than that. Blog Talk Radio interviews allow you to take the factoids out of the shows and elaborate on them in written blogs. Then you’re getting 2-3 written blogs in addition to the audio interview with a big-name thought leader – all from a 15 minute phone call (making it an easy sell to your higher-ups.)

2. It widens your social sharing reach

So you’ve lined up a thought leader, perhaps a partner or one of your valued vendors – a subject matter expert. When the show is over, you promote it on your social pages and embed it on your website. Then what?

Hopefully the person that you interviewed has a big social following. If they’re on your show, they’re likely to share it among their social circles.
We coach clients on using their partners to help create content.

3. People actually listen to these shows.

Blog Talk Radio is a podcasting platform. Though podcasting is sometimes considered to be unpopular, the number of listeners continues to steadily climb. As Jordan Harbinger pointed out in a 2014 Forbes article, podcasting has been on a steady climb year-over-year. A recent surge in awareness is likely the result of several stars adopting the media – Adam Carolla, the fitness trainer from The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels, Dr. Drew, and a host of well-known comedians and bands.

BTR gives you some basic listener statistics on the shows. Below are a few from some of our client’s shows.

content marketing

Keep in mind that these shows were not necessarily “consumer-friendly”. They’re about very specific industries and do not have a wide appeal. Even niche categories get real listens.

4. BTR gets great ranking in organic search

Blog Talk Radio has a 93% domain authority with Google, meaning they are highly regarded. So when we launch shows with strategic key phrases in the titles and the descriptive text, they shoot up in the Google search results page. When someone clicks into your radio shows, make sure the descriptive copy has a link to your landing page high up in the descriptive text

We talk to our clients about something we call a Search Engine Results Page Takeover. We borrow the domain authority of sites like Blog Talk Radio, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. to take over more real estate on the search engine results pages (SERP).

5. You can express your corporate personality

Other than video, which can be expensive, there are very few ways to show prospects and prospective employees the personality of your thought leaders. Blog Talk Radio makes it easy and almost dictates a casual approach. After all, you can’t script out live radio. Anything could happen!

6. If you host shows live, people can listen and call in

Blog Talk Radio functions just like any regular radio show. They give you a switchboard and unique call in number if you’d like some interaction. If you’re lucky enough to interview someone well-known, listeners would be excited to call in to ask questions or make comments.

7. You can upload super-cool productions

If you’re not into live radio (as many people aren’t), you can record the show offline – meaning not live – and then upload it to your channel. The vast majority of radio on Blog Talk Radio is people talking into their phone, and it’s obvious. If you’re interested in a higher production value, this is a great option for you.

At ion Leap, we have all the bells and whistles and can produce much higher quality shows. If you wanted to invest in it like we have, you would need high quality microphones, a soundproof room, audio mixing software, and the skill to make it all work.

ion Leap is a content marketing agency that helps clients get found by their best prospects. Here’s one of our latest Blog Talk Radio shows –

Check Out Marketing Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with ionLeapMkt on BlogTalkRadio
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