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In a mobile search today for the phrase “NJ ad agency,” 13 out of 30 agency websites that popped up on the first 3 pages of results were mobile friendly.

Less than half.

New Jersey ad firm

If you haven’t seen this development by Google, take a look at the latest by Search Engine Land here.

I really should have benchmarked the rankings to see whether the “mobile friendly” websites moved up in the rankings, or were merely flagged by Google to save mobile searchers from straining their eyes. Luckily, a website called SEO Clarity is doing just that – detailed tracking on the difference they’re seeing in rankings on desktops versus mobile searches. As of April 24th, they tracked a 6.6% variation in rankings from 4 days previous. Follow them here.

Given that Google said the change will roll out to their data centers gradually, a 6.6% jump over a 4-day period is quite serious.

At ion Leap, we counsel all our clients to make their websites mobile friendly.

Should your company be panicking about this?

NJ Ad AgencyDo this simple test: Start by finding out how much of your website traffic comes in via mobile devices? It’s easy with a quick check in Google Analytics. If it’s over 20%, is that significant to you?

Do a comparison of your mobile traffic versus your desktop visits. Which group fills out more forms or is more likely to give you their email address for a white paper?

I suspect the above comparison will differ wildly depending on which category your business is in. Likely consumer products marketers who skew younger will want to jump on mobile friendliness really fast. B2B companies making back office equipment for data centers might not need to rush so quickly.

But why not just get this done? It’s time.

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