The ad below was created by Team One Advertising for Lexus in 1994. I’ve referred to it many times since.


content marketing firmBecause it zeroed in on a very minute point. In so doing, it makes a very large statement about the entire company.

That’s what I mean by close-up content marketing

Often we find ourselves trying to explain the entire story of a client in one video or one blog post. Sometimes it’s better to zero in on a series of smaller points which make your company unique:

Accounting firm – Talk about your easier-to-read tax forms which are unique in the industry.

Cookie company – Make a lot of noise about your packaging which creates 10% less waste in landfills. Next, do a different story about those unique chocolate chips from a Rainforest Aliance certified farm. That would be unique – zero in on one ingredient out of all your different cookie flavors.

Data center equipment manufacturer – Create multiple stories about one data center customer who survived an outage with extreme details about how they did it. Devote one blog post and one video to one small thing a data center hero did under duress.


If your company is launching a new product, start with one video and website page about the new solution. Then put up supporting blog posts about the intricate details of your wonderful new offering. One amazing detail per blog post along with an accompanying short video.

This approach gives you more to market

content marketingAs content marketers, we all know the feeling of having no content to share. This approach solves that. Now you can take your time explaining each component of what makes your service or product wonderful. Get in really close.

How do you know you’ve got a close-up content marketing idea?

content marketing agencyUsing this technique, you can’t write forever about each particular topic. In fact, you might just get one page on each component. Take this blog post, for instance. This is likely the last time you’ll see us writing about closeup content marketing. There’s not much more to say. But this short blog post is enough to differentiate us from other content marketing companies.

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