Recently, during an exploration for a client’s website launch, we waded into the frustrating world of available URLs.

There’s an analogy that our director, Steve, likes to use when referring to concise key phrases. One or two word key phrases are like beachfront property – they’re expensive, usually already owned, and there are only so many out there; no one is creating any more beachfront property.

As it turns out, this is exactly the case for URLs also. Anything general enough that would fit our client’s new product and get some SEO/key phrase value was already taken.

We love when marketing truly disrupts the landscape of what people can expect. We’ve built our agency’s brand around ions, a disruptive force in the universe – something that takes a leap of faith and creates real change.

That’s why we’re obsessed with Coca Cola Puerto Rico’s new campaign.

Coke bought a handful of emoji only URLs. You heard that right, the only URL address is an emoji. For example: www.(InsertEmjoiImageHere).ws

What? Huh? How? Current feelings:


Most visitors to Coke’s website use mobile devices to get there. So Coke created something truly unique to connect with their audience and spread their mission statement of happiness and togetherness. No matter what your language or culture, a smiley face icon always means happiness.


The best part is that the URLs they’re advertising take you to a form to enter to win one of these insanely unique and utterly unforgettable emoji URLs. Don’t get too excited though. It’s only open to Puerto Rico residents, obviously we’ve already tried


There’s no doubt that this campaign has the cool factor, but more importantly, it’s opening the door for the wild west of URL strategy.

Right now Coke is using only the .ws (Samoa’s) suffix, but what if it were allowed on .com’s? .net’s? Can you imagine a ski resort’s website being:


How much would a ski resort pay for that URL, to be seen as THE ski resort on the mobile web?

Coke is taking a leap of faith in the mobile-only space. There is no way to access this contest on a desktop computer. These days, users expect their mobile devices to do almost everything their laptop can do, and smartphone companies are responding with more capability every year. Could desktops become extinct in favor of smartphones and tablets in the next 5 years? Well that escaladed quickly…


What it really means is that Coke has opened the world to a lot more beachfront property, and given companies a lot more license to build peninsulas and islands to create their own.



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