Can your content marketing agency say they’re achieving a 50% success rate on anything?

ion Leap can; and we say it often.

content marketing agency NJRecently, we’ve been working with a new client who makes maternity fitness apparel. We’re helping them launch, among many other things, bi-monthly outbound emails.

Here’s how we achieved:
• Tremendous open rates
• Great click through rates
• Unheard of page visit duration
• Multiple page views

The hardest part – the open rate

The open rate of any email marketing campaign is only as good as your ability to write clever, engaging subject lines. If your target isn’t opening your emails, then nothing else can happen.

No website traffic. No page views. No sales

We’re experts at writing compelling subject lines. Here are just a few:

  • “The skinny on fat during pregnancy”
  • “The Ergonomics of Breastfeeding”
  • “Declare War on Your Varicose Veins”

Here’s what subject lines like those achieved –

Content marketing that got 50% open rate

That’s right. Half the people who received that lonely little message sitting in their in-box clicked it.


The subject line spoke to them. That’s why.

By the way, MailChimp has statistics on open rates by industry. They are a massive email marketing service provider with over 6,000,000 users, so you can trust their statistics. They report that health and fitness emails receive an open rate of 24.27%.

We doubled that.

I want to show you what doubling something looks like –

NJ content marketing ion Leap

I’m not bragging or anything.
Actually, a better description might be gloating.

Your email marketing success is completely at the mercy of the person writing your subject lines.

How does a content marketing firm write great subject lines?

I’ve got 20+ years of experience distilling strategies down to compelling 8-word statements. It’s more art than science. You have to put yourself in the mindset of your target customer.

You have to have empathy.

If I were you, I’d NOT read the websites that talk about “How to write great subject lines.” They all revert to formulaic approaches that lack empathy or creativity.

I’d go out and pick up a copy of The One Show annual, and/or CA Magazine. Study the headlines in those. The writers featured in those annuals are the best-of-the-best at writing short, compelling lines.

You’re not reading those to steal ideas. You’re looking for inspiration. Study how they crafted the headlines and got them so crisp, so concise.

Timing is everything in content marketing

At ion Leap, we experiment with days-of-week and time-of-day. I know the industry “experts” say all your emails should go out Tuesday morning at 9:15 a.m. when everyone has just sat down with a fresh cup of joe start their day.

We don’t buy it. We test everything.

We’ve found that different sectors have very different “best days and times” to send email. The only way to find yours is to test every hunch.

Our maternity client found their best time is about 4 pm Monday-Friday. You know how she figured that out?

She watched when sales were coming in. Simple.

Figure out your own formulas for picking the best day and time for launching all your outbound digital media, even social media.

Test. Test. Test.

OK, they opened the email. Then what?

Your goal of an outbound email is to get your prospects over to your website, right? At ion Leap, we provide very compelling reasons to click a button in that email marketing. It could be anything from “Get a FREE t-shirt” to “Learn the secret…” to “Save 20%.”

But something has to get them to click from the email to your website.
And you can’t be too shy about it.

What works?
Again, empathy.

Pregnancy is a very emotional time for women. I watched my wife go through it twice.

  • She was scared.
  • She felt a complete lack of control of her body.
  • She was a sponge for information.
  • She felt fat.

What you just read is called empathy. Getting inside the head of your target market gives you insights in writing subject lines and landing pages that are much more successful.

The stats prove we’re succeeding

Success at ion Leap is measured by only 1 thing –

Content Marketing gets Sales

Sales can only happen if prospects click your email.
Then click from your email over to your website. (That’s Click Through Rate)

Once they visit your website, they must:

  • Buy something
  • Call you to learn more
  • Engage in some longer-term relationship with your company

3.64% – Average click through rate for MailChimp
7% – Average click through rate for ion Leap

That’s right, nearly double. Let me show you what that looks like –


The final thing to focus on –

All content marketing must point to a landing page

Think about this: if you’re pulling someone into your bricks-and-mortar store by running ads that say “Free Donuts on Monday,” and they show up to find no free donuts, how likely are they to buy something?

Running email campaigns that point someone to your homepage is just like that. I bet your homepage is not focused on your e-marketing offer.

Think through the landing page experience.

A good landing page should engage different prospects the way they want to be engaged. How do they want to be engaged?

  • Some prefer reading
  • Others respond to videos
  • Some respond to audio
  • Some want quick bullet points

And all expect to see a direct, clear answer to the thing that made them click your subject line.

See our video on effective landing pages here >>


Our email campaigns for the maternity fitness apparel company are driving click through rates of 50%.

7% of those are clicking to our client’s website.

We’ve created on-page engagement that is very encouraging:
Average time per visit: 7 minutes, 19 seconds.
Average pages per visit: 5.76

The outbound emails are leading to return visits and sales!

It all starts with the right subject line, but it doesn’t end there.

Learn how to reach out to prospects with emails that get clicked.
Then learn how to turn those clicks into sales.

Contact ion Leap.

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