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The Content Marketing Institute has rosy statistics about the adoption of content marketing, but they don’t view the data with quite the horror as your author. Those on the front lines, like ion Leap, see the gritty reality.

Consider these 2 sets of statistics

  1. While adoption of social media is high, B2B marketers don’t know if it’s working.
  2. B2B marketers say “Producing enough content” and “producing content that engages” are their top challenges.
  3. 58% of marketers will increase their CM budgets in 2014.
  4. On average, B2B marketers say 30% of their budgets are devoted to content marketing.

Read #1 and #2 together. Then study #s 3 and 4, there’s a major disconnect:

If you don’t know whether social media is working, why increase your content marketing budget this year?

If your content is not engaging, then why are you devoting 30% of your budget to it?

Yet page 21 of the SlideShare at the link above shows B2B marketers are clearly happy with their ability to measure the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts.

We know the pressures you’re under

We’ve worked with a lot of companies, both B2B and B2C over the years. We’ve seen your staffs get slashed; budgets shrink; demands go up.

According to, there are 18,204,679 businesses in the United State. If even 50% of them decide to take their content marketing in-house, then there can’t possibly be enough experts in the work force to handle the demands of successful content marketing. Yet, “Finding trained content marketing professionals” ranked last as a concern on page 20 of The Content Marketing Institute’s survey.

The disconnect points to the opportunity

The lack of logic you see above is direct proof of the opportunity. If your content marketing effort is fine-tuned, you can dominate your competitors who:

  • Think they’ve got just the right content marketing staff.
  • Are not sure if they’re getting results from social media.
  • Can’t produce enough content or content that engages, yet will…
  • Increase their content marketing budgets in 2014.

Get your content marketing team trained and engaged

ion Leap trains marketing teams for provable success. We’ve got the case studies to prove that content marketing done our way generates sales. Contact us.

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