In recent years, we’ve seen really successful content marketing strategies develop in all sorts of unexpected brands – from mostly grassroots (read: anti-advertising) marketing brands like Chipotle, to major product retailers like Target. But the recent resurgence of the summer music festival has given way to a whole new brand of content marketing.

You could say that these events cater to the modern hippies of the world, and they are an ideal place to experience a “digital detox” (because, how could you be checking Twitter during this epic set), but don’t be fooled; these festivals have developed some of the most innovative and connected mobile experiences for concert goers ever seen.

For example, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the most popular in America. It spans two weekends and attracts about 180,000 people from around the country – including many of the trendiest celebrities. Even though you’ll see mostly girls wearing flower crowns and totally cool crowds debating which of their favorite acts is the least known, Coachella has nailed down an unbelievably robust mobile experience.

On their app you can perform logistical tasks you may expect like activating your wristband, browsing food and drink options, and receiving real-time festival news and updates. But would you ever expect to be able to use an app to pre-create your own personalized Coachella timeline?

That’s right, compare set times for every act playing at the festival and predetermine where you have to be at what time for the entire weekend to ensure that you don’t miss one second of musical goodness. And if you log into your Coachella account right through the app and upload photos and status updates throughout the weekend, the app will collect everything you’ve uploaded and display it in a neat and tidy feed just for you (and to be easily shared with everyone you know to induce intense hipster FOMO). And that’s not even going into the social aspects of the app!

As you can see, a strong digital content strategy can come from any and every unlikely source. Using content that already you already have, creating new and innovative ways to optimize it, and delivering it to the right audience in the right way can make for a truly robust destination for people who want to experience your brand. Whether you coordinate a venue for the biggest acts in modern music or build commercial cooling products, there are always ways to find fans of your brand.

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