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What we witnessed in last night’s Super Bowl was the difference between tactics and strategy.

The Bronco’s tactic was Peyton Manning. End of story.

The Seahawks, on the other hand, performed like a perfectly tuned instrument, both offensively and defensively. They executed a strategy of disruptive speed. The tactics employed to execute that strategy were many and well-executed.
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Content Marketing lessons from the game

  1. Focus on every facet of your mission – If you follow football, you’ve heard it’s a war of attrition. To win, you have to have endurance. But don’t move at the speed of a huge, lumbering military brigade.
    The word attrition has a Latin root “atterere” meaning to rub against, to “grind down.” Focus on doing everything right so that you can take advantage of any weakness that appears on the opposing team.
  2. The prepared usually win – Each member of your team must know and excel at their role. And they must be flexible enough to change course quickly. Preparation for content marketers means keeping your eyes and ears open. Watch for opportunities to get something useful in your audiences’ hands before your competitor can. Keep an eye on stories in the wider world that you can quickly re-interpret for your website’s fans.
  3. Respond instantly to unexpected opportunities – The Seahawks led the NFL in “turnover differential,” according to Rob Goldberg of Bleacher Report – “The Broncos lost the turnover battle in all four of their losses this year, giving the ball away a combined 12 times.” Michael Smith’s return of an interception for a touchdown proved the Seahawks were awake.
    How does your company respond quickly? Of course you belabor every piece of content you put up on your website, but going to your social media outlets might give you a faster outlet to respond.
    Do you think of your social media as only a support for your blog? Or do you use it as an unexpected publishing platform? Both Linkedin and Google Plus are great for this.
  4. Speed is a major competitive advantage – Like football players, your content marketing team will fall into a rhythm, usually a lumbering one. Every day they’ll wall in, pour their coffee, check out their social media, etc. Getting a big content push moving takes about 4 days, making a video takes weeks. Every company has their own acceptable speed.

Disrupt your team. Shake them up. Announce that you want a video done by tomorrow, end of day. Push them to move more quickly on important blog posts. Demand that they find new ways to make great content quickly.

Like the Seahawks, the resultant energy will shake the cobwebs off and energize your entire company.

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