guest bloggers on the chopping block

Matt Cutts, whom I follow closely, has posted a not-so-subtle warning that the latest link scam is over. And he didn’t use a guest blog writer to announce it.

UPDATE: Today, March 19th, Search Engine Land reported Google is taking action against a large unnatural network of guest bloggers. Matt Cutts Tweeted it and apparently later mentioned a big German link network.

Why did Cutts put guest blogging on the chopping block?

As Matt Cutts wrote, “…it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.”

Any unnatural trend goes through the following life cycle:

  1. Spammy companies rush towards it thinking it’s an easy way to get a higher ranking.
  2. Google becomes skeptical about the new trend.
  3. Google starts to lower SERP results for websites using the new trend.
  4. Spammy companies move on to the next scam.

The chart below was created on Google Trends. Amazingly, the phrase “link building”, while falling, is still getting search. “Guest Blogger” has only fallen slightly…so far.

Cutts pointed out his frustration with the “pile on” of every legitimate technique that can be used. From where I sit, the lifecycle gets faster and faster.

We’ve said it before: In the end, the only legitimate technique for getting better search results is to put up great content that gets shared via social media.

(Cut to dark room halfway around the world)

A skinny, unshaven man with shifty eyes gets a strange, gloating grin on his face.

He whispers, mostly to himself, “Did he just say, ‘gets shared via social media’?”

Then, learning back and letting his true emotions overflow, he shouts,

“We will turn our blog writers into an army of low paid Google Plus spammers who will “+1″ our clients content.”

Laughing maniacally, he sets to work.

(Play the video to hear the maniacal laugh)


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