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Several years ago, as companies started to understand that content really mattered, they began to seek out the cheapest possible way to buy writing. After all, who cares if it’s good as long as the price is low? “I just need words,” a small business owner once said to me.

That led to the rise of cheap writing services.

I tested one of these companies. The copy I got back was okay – written by an English speaker in the U.S., and punctuated correctly. It just lacked any substance. It was as “thin” as one of those old western movie sets.

Today, I searched for “$25 blog writers”. Shockingly, these companies are still out there, hammering away.

But it gets worse. This past summer, a Baltimore company called us looking for “tons” of blog postings. After a lengthy courtship, they revealed they would not exceed paying us more than $8 per blog post!!

For those prices, how can anyone create something that will be valued and shared? And if your content isn’t getting shared on social media, then it’s not going to help your Google AuthorRank. Those who buy thin content are wasting their time, no matter how low the price.

Quality always trumps quantity.

For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for thee cheap blog writer.

Very soon, weak Google AuthorRank = weak organic ranking in the search results for your website content. The exact effect AuthorRank will have on organic search results is still being debated. But none of the experts are saying it won’t happen. So you should start to build your Google AuthorRank immediately.


  1. Spend a lot more time thinking about what you can publish that’s useful to others. Think of yourself as a publishing company in your industry.
  2. Publish great written and video content that others will find worthy of sharing via social media.
  3. Get extremely busy on Google+ contributing to groups, then sharing and +1-ing other posts you find worthy. has a very good article on this (Click here).  See the comments at the bottom.

This counter view was published by Search Engine Land back in September (Click Here).

While you wait on the outcome of the above debate, keep creating lots of great content and improving your AuthorRank. Quality, sharable content will never be a waste of time or money.

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