content marketing agency 2014

Alyssa Lurie says, “The biggest thing to happen to content marketing in 2013 was the addition of segregated inbox categories in Gmail.”

Email marketing is a major component of many marketing plans. The big change in 2013 – anything with an “unsubscribe” link within the copy of the email falls under the “Promotions” tab, and not in your front and center “Primary” inbox.

While convenient for the reader, this Gmail change poses a major issue for email marketers. According to, 54% of all email might be going to Google. Learn more. To be clear, many companies use Gmail to manage their professional email services. For instance, when you send and email to, it’s going to Google’s professional Gmail service.

My prediction for 2014  is that marketers will find a “gray-hat” way around this issue. Some marketers have already placed “Change your Gmail settings to see our emails in your inbox!” messages within their email copy.

On the bright side, Google has offered yet another reason for creating quality content people actually want to read. Taking that extra step of checking two inboxes will only be carried out if they suspect you’re sending something worthwhile.

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