Content Marketing AgencyMore news from Google and YouTube: Now, when you post a comment on a YouTube video, you have to use Google Plus to do it. If you don’t have a G+ account, then you can’t post a comment. And, by the way, your Google+ account must now be using your real name.

There is currently (as of 11:15 pm, 11/18/13) a petition of 179,968 signatures against this Google/YouTube integration. Web comments make it clear the petition is about privacy.

Regardless of where you land on the privacy debate, this continued integration with YouTube, plus the continued anti-anonymity effort, is an opportunity for businesses who use content marketing.

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Prediction: it’s going to get even more integrated
Google owns a lot of web properties – all of which could be integrated into the final stew. If you’re in business, you understand the wisdom of this.

  • Google Books – It would be cool to see more book results in my SERPs
  • Google Groups – Google currently presents these results in searches, but I don’t see a lot of integration.
  • Blogger – So far, I haven’t seen any integration with other Google properties. It’s only a matter of time because this one is great for organic ranking and SEO.
  • Zagat – Restaurant reviews mixed into your recipe search…there’s an idea
  • Gmail – What’s to stop them from offering up some of my email text in SERPs on particular search requests?
  • Google Drive – Now Gmail users can skip the whole process involved with downloading email attachments, and instead view and save their files directly to Google Drive – without leaving their inbox. That is currently an option. What happens when it’s no longer and option? Likely more screaming and yelling. More info here
  • Google+ – Lord knows the ways this could be further integrated. I think it will become the “hub” of all they do.
  • Google Voicemail – I’m using it so that my voicemails come to my email and can be listened to there. Think of the advertising and data mining opportunities for GooTube on this one. If I get a Google Voicemail from a hotel, and my reservation is saved on my Google Calendar, they could later prompt me to write a review on my Blogger account.
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Hotel Finder – This is a new one. In the future, your positive reviews (using Google+) will affect that hotel’s organic search ranking.
  • Google Sheets – Spreadsheets
  • Google Slides – their version of Power Point
  • Google Calendar – could integrate with nearly all the above
  • Google Maps
  • Google Local
  • Mobile Apps of all above – Mobile apps add a useful component to all the above: your location.

Want to talk integration? Imagine how powerful this entire group could be if they were ruthlessly integrated.

GooTube is only one part of a bigger plan

To me, these Google changes seem timed, delivered in easily-digestible pieces. This integration will lead Google to domination in so many areas. Sure, some people will prefer to choose their own services. But imagine the power of a fully integrated suite of online “apps,” as Google calls them.

Frankly I find it hard to understand the grumbling. Microsoft Office has a similar integration approach. Over time, businesses accepted it and got back to work.

What GooTube means for content marketing

If your company depends on the Internet to get found by customers (is there still anyone who doesn’t?), then this integration is important. Stop ignoring Google+, and get busy on a Blogger account. You’ll be amazed what it can do for your lead generation. Are you using Google Local? Think it’s intended only for retail establishments? I suspect that is not the long-term plan for Local.

Short of an antitrust lawsuit, Google’s integration is here to stay. My advice is to embrace it.

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