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You’ve seen blogs posts that start this way. This technique proliferated on blogs because it worked. But any technique that’s overused eventually gets worn out, and this one is overdue.  It’s formulaic.  I think it worked because readers are time-stressed and looking for bite-size content. A content snack.

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Google’s Hummingbird update demands less formulaic content

It’s time content marketing companies start planning content their readers will share within their social connections. I rarely share these list-driven posts. They just seem thin.

Matt Cutts of Google has repeatedly urged us all to focus on the quality of our content. But keep in mind, Google can’t determine the quality of that content. They look for what individual readers think of it. And they look for that in links (a little) and social media sharing (a lot).

As promised, here’s my list of 4 ways to stop writing these lists on your blog:

  1. Ponder your target market and think of publishing content that would make their life better, help them at their jobs, make them laugh, etc.
  2. Don’t think blog post. Think multiple posts, videos, surveys, and online radio interviews. This is what we call Big Content.
  3. Spend more time and energy framing that content for various audiences on social media. Help them understand how it fits into their lives. Use social media to its full capability with hashtags, personal messages, etc.
  4. Think more like a marketer. that kinda sums up all the above, doesn’t it?


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