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We’ve been talking a lot about Big Content. Big Content to us means coming up with an epic idea and running with it in every medium possible. If you have a really big idea, a blog post simply isn’t enough.

Another major topic at ion Leap HQ is Breaking Bad. It’s my latest obsession and I can’t shut up about it (just ask my coworkers). Episodes of Breaking Bad are content, but what sets them apart is their content marketing.

Breaking Bad has embraced the way media is consumed nowadays. Not only do they air the series episodes, but they run what they call a “StorySync” in real-time online with polls, trivia, etc. to foster a second-screen experience for die-hard fans. They also create their own hashtags based on the specific episode to even create a THIRD screen experience (#LikeWhiteOnRicin, anyone?). They even air a 30 minute special every week after the new episode premiers in which the show’s actors and celebrity superfans gossip and speculate about the latest installment while soliciting calls/texts/emails/social media interactions from viewers to give input and ask questions.

On top of all of that (and much more: merchandise, podcasts, actors renting out local theaters for viewings, etc.), Breaking Bad is releasing their Blu-Ray box set in an epically cool way. Inside of a money barrel you receive not only the series of episodes, but also merchandise from the show, a 2-hour documentary and as much behind-the-scenes footage as your melting brain can handle.

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The point is that Breaking Bad knows they have something magical that people are going crazy for, so why not capitalize on everything you have to offer? They are employing Big Content in a way that makes it impossible to ignore. That’s what you should be doing with your company. Whether you realize it or not, aspects of your company are amazing, thought-provoking, and just as heart-poundingly gripping as Breaking Bad (ok, maybe not the last one, but you get the point).

You have assets that you don’t even realize you have. Make videos around your office, a social media campaign solely based on the most epic content coming out of your company, interview your employees on your own internet radio show (we like Do anything and everything to get your content out there in any way people want to consume it. And that’s just the new stuff.

  • You can take old presentations and post them on SlideShare. Just because it’s old news to you, doesn’t mean it is to your audience. You get tired of your material much more quickly than they do.
  • Recycle some old material and spin it to relate to a current hot-button topic. What’s old is always new again.
  • Have a hilariously outdated training video from the 80’s? Think about what a sharable social media post that could be.

There are hundreds of directions to take your content in; the point is to just do it. All of it.

The actual episodes are only part of what makes Breaking Bad the water cooler topic of the moment. What really makes it happen is the immersive experience it creates. Take advantage of all you have so your prospects can become immersed in your amazing company.


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