You probably didn’t know you’re in a battle.
And you probably didn’t know you’re losing.

The roadblock between you and your prospective customers is Google. If your website is posting great content that gets shared via social media (especially Google+) then you’ll achieve higher organic search ranking.

But it’s a little more challenging than that.

b2b marketing solutions

They have more writers. You likely have just 1 or 2 on staff or part time. They have access to more thought leaders in your industry for interviews, even videos. When a thought leader’s phone rings and it’s a leading B2B publisher, they take the call. If it’s you, well, good luck.


B2B Marketing

Companies like Cisco have deep pockets and inspired leadership. Their top managers have bought in to the value of B2B content marketing and are throwing money at it. They have armies of writers, videographers, and graphics people on staff to bring their thought leadership ideas to life.


Marketing solutions for B2B companies

Yes, even a blogger using a free blog platform like WordPress can get ranked higher than your website. Here’s why:

  • They’re writing content using the same key phrases you’d like to find your website ranking on.

  • They’re publishing it on WordPress or Blogger.

  • WordPress and Blogger have nearly 100% domain authority while your website likely has 50% or less. Click here for more information on domain authority.

The solution to your B2B marketing woes

Google’s Penguin updates over the last couple years have given B2B marketing companies a gift. Three years ago, big companies could crush you with their volume of content writing and with thousands of junk links pointing at that content.

Now Google has leveled the playing field. Now organic ranking success is driven by the quality of your content and the likelihood of others to share it using social media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Take more time with your content marketing. Think up epic and wonderful things to post. Then share them with your best prospects. If it really is wonderful content, then they’ll recommend it via social media. Then Google and others will take notice and your organic ranking will start to follow.

Watch this video by Matt Cutts (of Google) on blog quality vs quantity.

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