Today I got to experience something that content marketers never enjoy – a finish line. Our 4-day, 400-mile endurance event ended in Cranford, NJ.

content marketing agency Bike4ALS

Along the way, I had several insights about the endurance nature of content marketing and what it takes to achieve success:

  1. Have a clearly defined goal, a big goal.
  2. Do your training. Keep your fitness high.
  3. Make sure each team members has an emotional connection to the goal.
  4. Deal with the details so you’re not distracted from the goal and drifting out of the lane.
  5. Expect the unexpected, but also be prepared for the expected.
  6. Have regular meetings to re-focus.
  7. Give huge “at-a-boys” to those who crash but get going again
  8. Stay on the bike and keep pushing.


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