nj content marketing agencyEvery month, ion Leap will be posting a new content marketing rock star – a company who’s doing a lot right. This month, the spotlight shines on Cisco.

OVERVIEW: Being very experienced in the marketing challenges B2B marketers face, we naturally found our way to Cisco. They’re a shining example of doing things right.

Why? Because they’re hitting all the major media and hitting them with inventive approaches and great content.

MARATHON MANAGEMENT: If you look through their social media microsite, you’ll see that Cisco posts regularly in all media. And they don’t cut and paste. They put up unique content on each social medium.

Cisco approaches content marketing like a marathon. Their use of Facebook is a good example. Every day they have at least one Facebook post. Many of these are pics or graphics. But they don’t flood it with content. Rather, they’re marketing their very best content.

content marketing agency deep pocketsSTANDOUT TACTICS:

In General –  If you’re on Cisco’s homepage and click one of their social media icons – which are unfortunately hiding in the middle of the page – then you’re taken to SocialMedia.Cisco.com. They’ve got a microsite dedicated to their social presence!! THIS IS COOL !!

  • YouTube – Cisco’s YouTube channel takes full advantage of all the tricks YouTube allows. Cisco has a vast number of videos on their YouTube channel and their YouTube page is arranged for easy navigation. This organization, and the huge number of videos they have, make YouTube one of Cisco’s best-managed content marketing vehicles.
  • Facebook – If you read our blog post, “The Pics Get the Clicks,” you’ll see we highlighted Cisco. Their 4th of July graphic is an example of their clever, meaningful use of Facebook. That’s why 2,008 people “liked” the graphic and 491 gave it the ultimate Facebook honor – they “shared” it with their friends. Their Father’s Day message used the same clever device, proving this an on-going campaign.
  • Google+ – As of this writing, Cisco has 19,534 followers on Google+. Their recent postings regarding Cisco Live! got 43 +1s and 4 shares. While these numbers may seem low, the adoption of Google+ among business executives is low. Cisco’s social microsite has a Google+ embedded feed !!
  • Twitter – Their Twitter embed, Called Cisco Buzz on the right of the microsite, pulls re-tweets and mentions of @Cisco from Twitter. They are cross-purposing their Facebook graphics, like the brilliant flag image. This is smart. I did find a Vine video uploaded to Twitter that’s pretty cool.
  • Linkedin – Cisco has 506,251 followers on Linkedin. Their status updates are nicely paced. They’re putting up as many as 6 updates a day. Cisco maintains 2 groups – “Cisco” with 138,491 members and “Cisco Certified” with 57,200. Many of their group discussions have as many as 83 comments and they clearly have moderators who are working this full time.
  • Pinterest – I’m blown away by Cisco’s use of Pinterest. I expected nothing and was floored by the depth they’re using in this visual social media. The board that stunned me with its brilliance is “Cisco Women in Technology Forum.”  Given Pinterest’s demographics, it’s the ideal place to market such a forum.

DINGS: No company, even those with deep pockets, can do everything right. Here are a few places Cisco could use some work.

  • Their YouTube videos don’t seem to take advantage of key phrases at all. This could be a gold mine.
  • Cisco didn’t grab the Twitter handle “Cisco” in time. Now someone else owns it. However, they buy a Twitter search for @Cisco and offer the viewer @CiscoSystems instead. Very nimble solution.
  • They’re tweeting only 3 times a day at most, even during Cisco Live! This seems weak, especially at an event of that scope. They should have considered some live Twitter Party event for a show that big.
  • Cisco’s microsite has a link called “Cisco Video Lounge” but it takes you to a dead page.
  • Their use of Pinterest, while amazing, makes zero use of key phrases. We’ve written about how much Google loves Pinterest. Cisco could gain a lot more ranking if they named their Pinterest boards with key phrases.
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