I’m a Google Analytics junkie. Every week, we’re in our clients’ Analytics accounts looking at the results of our efforts. There’s nothing more fun than seeing average statistics turn into astounding statistics. Below, I’ll provide short notes on what turned our clients’ molehills into mountains.

Search Engine Advertising

Paid search campaign jumps 206%

When we took over the Adwords (SEA) campaign for a medical device company, they were receiving about 2,400 clicks per quarter. We dramatically increased that number without additional spend. See chart above.


  1. By learning the intricacies of their business and taking into account the psychology of searches their target audience employs. This guided key phrase decisions in their content.
  2. Having engaging social media and relevant content waiting when they click so a click turns into a purchase.
  3. By actively managing the account and eliminating underperforming phrases.
  4. By deploying a landing page strategy and improving key phrase usage on those pages to increase quality scores. This led to a lower cost per click.

Pics get the clicks in social media.

Social Media for Medical DevicesThe image at right is from a regular series we do for a medical device company called Lingraphica. You can see the stats below the pic – 27 “Likes” and 4 “Shares.”  We conducted research on what gets the most shares in social media. By far, The Pics Get the Clicks. That’s true on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

Likes and shares are not enough

At ion Leap, we go for lead generation. Recently we posted a blog suggesting you approach social media marketing as if you are doing direct mail campaigns.

We build followers on Facebook in advance of a major campaign using low-cost, highly-targeted ads.

It’s the best way to guarantee:

  1. A buzz about your content
  2. More clicks from social media directly over to your landing pages.
  3. More leads generated on your website.

content marketing agency trafficLive for the peaks. Learn from the valleys.

As you study the results below, you’ll notice that most of them have another side where the line starts down again. This shows the real nature of content marketing. There is no permanent solution. It’s a process. Content doesn’t last forever. In fact, it usually doesn’t stay hot for more than a few weeks. New, inventive ideas must be created. You have to love the process.

Study the timing of the drops in traffic as eagerly as you gloat over the rises. If you’re dropping right over a cliff, as opposed to experiencing a gentle glide down into oblivion, then you might have to look for bigger ideas. Or perhaps you’re not promoting older content enough. Find new ways to frame and promote that content you put up 3 weeks ago. Social media marketing catches people at a particular point in time. You have to aim at them again and again to hope they watch your content before their timeline pushes it too far down. One or two social media promotions is not enough.

What to study

Your content marketing strategy will dictate what data you pull from Google Analytics. Generally, the ones marked in green (at left) are the best data to study.

Below, we’re looking at referral traffic. First, from Twitter.

This spike up to 40 clicks on July 12th was based on a free poster offer via Twitter. To receive the poster, those who arrived at the landing page had to give us their full contact information. Those, dear reader, are qualified leads.

content marketing twitter

An instructive example:

In July 2011, the Tour de France was winding through the Pyrenees Mountains. Lance Armstrong got into a breakaway group of 9 and Twitter hashtags were buzzing wildly about the news.

Watching the feeds from my office, I remembered that we had posted content about Tour de France teams going gluten-free to reduce inflammation and improve recovery time between Tour stages. Our client made gluten free cookies, pizza and pastas.

I prepared my tweets and waited until the moment the stage was over and the tweet stream slowed down a bit. Then I dropped in a series of tweets.

That night, after midnight, I checked Google Analytics. It looked like Aneto, the highest mountain in the Pyrenees. Keep in mind, this bump in traffic is exclusively from Twitter. Equally important that day, the readership of other pages on the website was high. And the time spent on the website by this traffic was very lengthy.

content marketing agency mountain maker

Facebook referrals to a client’s website.

This is a different client’s activity on Facebook since January 2013. You can see several peaks, but one from March 10-12 was very high. That one is likely the result of a new YouTube video we were marketing via Facebook. The real story in the data below is the intensity from January to late March; and then again from June into July. These were new product launches. It’s okay to have periods of lower intensity. Give your fans a rest every now and then.

content marketing with Facebook

Organic Google search and page visits

Below is overall organic search traffic since January on just one of many key phrases we work for a client. We set the view to week-by-week to better represent the increase in volume. This is one of the client’s most valuable key phrases. Look at the huge mass of traffic since April 2013.

content search marketing agency


If you’d like to turn your molehills into mountains, remember there’s no simple technique. What gets results is great content, marketed with continuous and clever use of social media.

You’ve got to Work The Web. (Our motto.)

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