blog writing on the clockHere at ion Leap, we love writing about things that we’re passionate about. Before sitting down to write a blog, we check all of our usual sources of inspiration: marketing blogs, social media resources, the ion Leap labs, etc. but sometimes nothing sticks.

While racking my brain to find something worth writing about, I cycled through many articles and ideas that would make “okay” blogs. But “okay” blogs never shake the world, and usually don’t end up reading that well anyway.

Writing Nothing is Better than Writing Crap

If your blog post is only average, not only will your readers be disappointed, but it will definitely not get shared. Us writers spend enough time praying to the social media gods that something goes viral, that we don’t need another average blog post in the world.

Now, with Google AuthorRank, getting +1s and shares is critical. Your content must stand out from the crowd and really “wow” people. In other words, you must have something new to say.

I’ve made it my personal mantra never to write anything that doesn’t “click” (blog writers, you know what I’m saying). Writers need passion to make a blog worth reading. And when you’re not into it, your writing suffers. And when your writing suffers, your AuthorRank suffers.

Instead of forcing an idea that you can tell isn’t right for you in that time, just don’t write. Take a week off until ideas strike.

Blog Writers vs. Editorial Calendars: An Epic Battle

The idea that we need to constantly churn out content at a steady pace is partly due to the blog writers’ dreaded enemy: the editorial calendar.

We’re all guilty of it, deciding that we need specific content on a specific date (and sometimes specific time, yeeesh). The sheer idea is a writer’s worst nightmare. Genius doesn’t strike on a schedule. In fact, publishing on a schedule may be a signal to Google that your website is being managed in an unnatural way (Naturalness is a big thing with Google).

editorial calendar for blog writersBut Google isn’t the only one that wants something natural. No one wants to waste time reading a blog post that’s not worth your time to write it. What’s natural is occasional writers’ block.

The moral of this blog post is, if you don’t have anything relevant to say, don’t say anything at all. Just like your mom taught you, sort of.

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